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  1. Shitty Video, but hey. Next time I do have a rca capture device. Not high def but better that this LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOXuq6gYX1M&feature=channel_video_title
  2. This map hasn't been no-clipped yet? I understand its easier on PC but can't you still do it with j-tag? I think they wouldn't have put that out there if we weren't missing something.
  3. I will post the video on youtube tomorrow, I just had my fiancee take in with a camera, as i have no need for a capture card. The video is only after I found him. BTW I only had the lower door open to Jugg, I opened it after I found him. I will try to do it again either today or sometime next week, if I can do it over again I will definitely take a full vid. Adam
  4. Last night I completed the egg on solo, as well as killing George. After my second DG-2 (from killing George) was over I only had 12 rounds in a Ray Gun left. I got mauled and went down. I was at the base of the Lighthouse coming from the ship. I was running a train in a triangle pattern. Upon going down George ran like he does on solo when you go down with QR. After I got back up I made some crawlers and the round was over. I first instinct was to hit the box and buy Jugg. I found George in the water under Jugg just standing in the corner. I ran up to him, shot him, killed the crawlers, started the round and he just stayed there. I also have a video that I will upload if anyone wants to see it, its of after I found him. Have anyone else ran into anything like this?
  5. Your player will comment even after you die when playing other people. That's kinda weird too....
  6. I may be on this weekend if anyone wants to give it a go, I have got the guy sucked up by the light but never knew we had to kill him. I did that twice. Make sure you have a few of crawlers, it makes things easier as they will respawn, so you can just kill them off if they do. GT: PopeAdamthe3rd Adam
  7. Not the case. I tried the egg on solo the first time last night. Had 10 crawlers I made with a crossbow. Green light glowing. Wasted 5k on the box. Ended up keeping an RPK but never got a VR-11
  8. I was so close last night. I use a full death machine, and entire law, 2.5 crossbows (got a max ammo, and another cross bow from the box) and an entire HK21. His light was barely flashing. I repaired all the windows and had $960, hit the box and got ballistic knifes.......Failed at that point (no more quick revive). Hopefully tonight.
  9. I see 2 heads, 2 arms, 2 legs, 1 torso.
  10. Watch it a few times, frame by frame, it looks like a 2 headed zombie, wtf!
  11. at 44/45 there looks to be a 2 headed zombie on the right. probably just the video, but it looks wierd
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