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  1. That is not a black guy. Just saying, but i doesnt look like rictoffen wear either. Maybe its peter and the doctor is (takeo voice) No more. I looks like they are maybe younger also. maybe its dempsey when he was young...nikoli looks younger then when in kino.
  2. Its not a dog, its a monkey...dogs dont have fingers for toes, they have paws...And the dog thing is old news, but a good find.
  3. So this site has become a waste of time....You can all speculate all you want. You wont know until the actual map pack is released. Wasting your time on here is stupid. Do something with your life. ZOMBIES?? like your gonna get paid researching zombies. They arnt gonna give you shit on the first maps..."the puzzle will come together soon enough"-jd2020.
  4. Has anyone decoded it? who its from...and know why it was sent.
  5. i was just asking if someone could look into his research a little deeper...maybe there is a clue
  6. Okay, so In "zork"....there was a Theif that would take your jewels and money, could this just be Treyarch stealing stuff from other games again.....or There is a man by the name of Dr. Erwin Shrodinger, who actually looks like the Theif. He is also one of three men that basically fathered Quantam Wave Mechanics. The equations on the pentagon theif are known as the "Shrodinger equation" i believe. I could be wrong but could someone could dig alittle deeper and see if they find anything?
  7. Thats not a aiming sight....its just a clip to lock in ammo,...look 6inches to left and right, you will see your "aiming sight" again.
  8. Has anybody gotten a good look at the Notes on Kino? One on the stage under a sandbag, and also, another under the stairs behind the teleporter. I used a sniper rifle and made out "something" Global Communications Network. And on the other I read, Weapons and 115. Sorry i have bad eyes. And i am new to this forum. SO SHOW YA BOY SOME BRAINS!!!!! Dempsy: Lay down Zombie!!!, or ill put three holes in your head like a bowling ball!!!! Zombie: aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. IS THIS TRUE? im new, but i made it to round 22 by myself. 115 is a little drastic huh? :facepalm:
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