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  1. oke maybe i`m making a useless reply, but. i recently read about WW2, the book said that in 1933, Hitler came to power, at that time he and russia were allies. but the bond broke because Hitler changed the Import/Export, Russia suffered by it. so maybe, when they were allies, they already could have started with the projects by then, with 935 or something. please don`t get mad because i can have it all wrong, just trying to clear it up a bit. regards. Yannick (i`m dutch so excuse my English) BTW; because i`m dutch, i still prefer english answers, because believe me, those translations are rubbish :lol:
  2. can somebody tell me the right order with the luna platforms? to spell LUNA :$
  3. excuse me if i`m dumb, but in the monkey round, where are those 3 other buttons, because he says you need to press them simultaniousley?
  4. yeah you`re right. so maybe you`ll come to these labs in the zombie mode.. nova 6.. labs.. beware of the 6.. i think zombies is making a whole other turn.. [brains] for you ;)
  5. Idk but, there where standing some barrels of i think nova 6. with the emblem of the third reich.
  6. yeah it, then these 12 year olds think they are funny and unique... BIG FAIL for those who copy these emblems
  7. I doubt that it is "five" because the quick revive is standing in a corner in "five" this is obveousley not a corner :oops: maybe because of these metal detectors, the rumors of ascension being at the russian rocket base.. could be a little bit more true :oops: my thoughts don`t flame please.. regards.
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