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  1. i love it... 20000 plus points a game on demolition cant complain about that and its always a battle... had one shitty experience had a guy where we spawned knife me 14 times in a row always manged to be right behind me when i spawned
  2. off topic i realize but bob your still around you may remeber me from waw as ja69ja we used to rape zombie face together all the time with xxcrazyguyxx and thebobcate
  3. killed him today after he took all four of our weapons one each........ got him by unloading two clips from the rpk into him and i am sure others in the group shot him to.... he not easy but if you kill him you get your guns back
  4. since this is being contested THIS SI HOW YOU GET PAP POWER ON turn all the green defcon switchs (two on top catwalk, two on bottom) of second level it will change to defcon 5 then the teleporter in the middle of the second floor has a pap symbol in it you enter teleporter and you are in pap which is also the 115 access room it then counts down from defcon 5 to 1 and the doors close again and i believe you have to do this again if you want pap( i have done it 5 times in one game and it closed everytime) similar to the pap on the first map its in a room by itself....
  5. okay here is a couple things.... there are vids on youtube of the trap parts... user Blackopszombies one trap part is in the first room on your right in the basement,(in the closet on your right when you first walk into room) take it up to the main floor you start on and place in metal detactor(doesnt matter which one) other one is on the defcon floor(2nd level), its near the middle hidden in a corner(only found it once didnt get exact location) do the same thing with it (again doesnt matter which one) defcon switchs for the pap room are on second floor two on top catwalk two on botom, power must be on and once all switchs are flipped you go to defcon 5, then the teleporter in the middle of the room near glowing orange map has a pap symbol in the middle when you enter it you go to the presidents office and the 115 doors open to let you out, it counts down from defcon 5 to 1 and when one the doors close again, you have to do this everytime you want pap...
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