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  1. Cool, Like I said I havent had time to further investigate, I only played a few games before I had to go to work.....
  2. Have you advusted the dial in the lighthouse? I this morning before work, each time I moved the dial the tone would change and the PAP machine would move.
  3. There seems to be a knob/dial in the light house middle floor with 10 different settings that you can turn and the PAP machine moves around the map each setting, and there is a different tone played at each setting. Have not investigated further.
  4. You have to launch the rocket to get PaP weapons to complete the easter egg... how would you then destroy an already launched rocket? :?
  5. It should still be saved that your account "purchased" the item. I know that in the market place there is the option "download again" for some items that I purchased and then erased to free up space. But since it was a redeem code and not found anywhere on the marketplace, that might be a little harder...... Good luck with your findings though. What system are you using? If 360 maybe contact Xbox live customer support as well?
  6. There is no door at the top of the stairs to the alley.... there is a metal gate at the bottom of the stairs. but there is a window inside of that gate as you are going down the stairs it is to the left. It sounds like you had a false sense of security there and forgot about that window inside the gate there. That is probably where they came in and got you from the rear.
  7. Don't really make a stand, keep mobile, once all doors are open the map turns into a figure 8 and you just freight train them, turn shoot, bound back. But it requires communication from all players or someone gets left behind.
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