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  1. I found this vid and I think someones not happy yabout Josh Olin's idea... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJo_yo3HDoc
  2. I can't wait everything seems soo complicated which is a goodf thing! i cant wait to try out all the private match customization especially the unlimited time limit RC-XD Car! I reckon with the two user split screen thing would mean that the two players would always have to be on the same team to prevent boosting... but that's why there's theatre mode
  3. I love the contract idea! it seems like a fun way to engage in getting kills in different ways. Also you'll have more to play for because you are always trying to complete that contract so it will add alot of tension too.
  4. Dude you're so right! i mean who didnt find it fun when online matches got boring, to just have a quick noscoping/quickscoping match with your friends? and yess.. there will always be a way to quickscope, remember cod 4 and 5? I just hope that with this new hatred towards it they dont try and nerf what is still left of quickscoping in black ops :cry:
  5. AHH it's pricks like him that make me wanna smash someones face in!! He is probably soo shit at quickscoping that he has to whine for ten fucking minutes...
  6. I h8 this damn argument its turining to one of those PS3/Xbox 360 is better, ones!! :evil: I peronally enjoy quickscoping its fun and is hard and so i think its not cheap. I usually never encounter quickscopers anyways which is probably why i dont mind it that much, but that being said i enjoy and dont think its cheap.
  7. nice post! considering im too lazy for a twitter account =P
  8. freaky stuff lol. btw the code is a substitution code i believe..
  9. LOOOL sorry guys i hadnt realised that there were threads (i'm new new to these threads) so I didnt see it sorry
  10. Hi, this is gonna be my first post and in general i dont know how to post on forums that much so bare with me. It's nothing new but i just had a theory. So I saw the GKNOVA 6 update video and saw countless threads talking about how the number: 40793 and thought that it was a date, but i couldn't find anything (if u guys find anything plz pm me). Then when i had writen it on paper, it slipped and fell upside down, I at it and it looked like the word Ebola. Ebola is a disease which makes victims eyes turn yellow, skin a strange colour and looks like a rash. So i'm thinking that the zombie patients we see in the video have been infected by mutated version of the disease which the scientists could hav been working on. Also during the cold war it was used a biological weapon by the Soviet Union but also could easily have been used by Nazis too. so this what i think um i think the next update or even a trailer will be next sunday. probably becuase it's going to be Halloween. :lol:
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