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  1. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/02/27/findm ... -inspired/
  2. As a PS3 owner I thank you for the glimpse of the new zombies. [brains]
  3. I should Elaborate, I was not trying to say this game is perfect, but as far as Call of Duty Goes, and as far as an Improvement upon modern warfare 2 goes; Black Ops is Very, Very Good. I can Agree that the Maps aren't near as good as World at War's maps, but they are infinitely better than modern warfare 2's maps. There isn't just One choke point on every map, which gives the maps a lot more strategic value. Especially in Search and Destroy. As for the Spawn system, its been the same since Call of Duty 4. Which Is a small part of the Reason the I Play Hardcore Search and Destroy Exclusively. But in the time I had to play regular mode before unlocking Search and Destroy, I didn't notice that happening too much. Luck I Suppose. I like the game except they have to fix the problem with people being able to camp in the back of the spawns. I almost always play hardcore and like to run and gun and it's very frustrating to spawn and die several times in your own spawn because the system has designated a certian place that we will we always spawn in and people just set up shop and wait. The party system is also not working at all right now I don't understand how they had such a great system in place for [email protected] but now it's worse then MW2 if they fix those two things this game will be better then MW2.
  4. [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] Wow! Thank you for the hard work.
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