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  1. Erm... GKNOVA2 has footage of the new der reise at the end of the video... guess you guys were wrong...
  2. the other briefcase had a nova grenade and more of these docs.
  3. There wasn't... it was footage of Carbon receiving the first drop briefcase in a hotel... It was from U-Boat's sunglasses... No-one is really sure about where it was though.
  4. You guys were so f*cking stupid to 'forget' about HL, there have been 4 laptops across three countries, they have met with 4 forum members, they have sent countless envelopes containing the answers the the first live drop and they also showed a video of Carbon meeting with U-Boat from U-Boat's perspective. You guys are pretty silly! :S
  5. Wow... Guys there is WAY more info now! The briefcase was only the first thing. You guys need to connect with the other forums. I can't believe your still looking at this stuff!
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