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  1. I work at the dutch version of game stop, and we recently received a letter from activision, stating that any store breaking the street dates are facing serious fines. I don't know....
  2. Of course not. You can now decide what you want to purchase first. So you don't have to wait until lvl 50 to unlock the ak47, you can just buy it.
  3. Just wanted to share. It adds nothing new I know.
  4. Stop the video at 11.52. In above/right corner there is a picture of a zombie dog ?
  5. "You can play in at least one zombie map at the beginning." So by buying the CE lets you play the WAW maps. Or does he mean that there is a possibility for more maps at launch..... Hmm [brains]
  6. THE A TEAM. The amazing four drop in and miss every shot. Then they will construct a bulldozer from two slices of cake and a handful of sand. Explosions everywhere, but they don't kill you. Just throw you around the map for a minute. Also, Mr T his chains will blind you for 30 seconds. 1349 kills.
  7. I had two nukes on the same day, the first time I attempted it. Then I got bored with it and started playing in a team with friends. If you play with 6 friends just going for the objective, the other team has to catch up. Since then my KS are: UAV, Precision AS and Pave low.
  8. After 134 days of not playing MW2 at all I returned. And I have to say it's quite a fun game. I played some demolition and sabotage, but both teams went for the objective. Yes I know this isn't frequent, but hell, it worked for 6 different games with different teams. I think if you get bored with the game you immediately start getting picky. And yes, some things are overpowered, but do something about it. Getting Chopper gunnerd to infinity ? Just swap to your cold blooded/stinger class. Getting blasted away by a team of UMP users ? Get out your SCAR and show them what a real powerful gun is. Seriously, if you keep on dying it's mostly your own fault. The people that can shoot you around corners ? Remember Counter strike where you can shoot through 6 walls of concrete and your shot will not lose power ? (wallbang) Remember all the other great shooters with some flaws. No game is perfect, if you don't like the game, leave or stop complaining all day.
  9. I don't really give a monkey's bottom about boosters. If they want to spoil all the fun of ranking and completing all the fun challenges I don't mind. As long as they don't bother me i'm fine. If I pay 60 euro's (yes, euro's) for a game, then I will squeeze out as much as I can out of it.
  10. It stops after like 1 minute and 30 seconds. It will load the video, but not play it.
  11. I think they should reconsider the objective placing on the map. For example, if you play domination on let's say Wasteland you cannot capture a point without dying or being noobtubed to death. Maybe a better thing to do is lower the xp points that you get for a kill. Instead of 50 point get like 10 xp points, and make 100 for obtaining an objective. I think this is my biggest point of annoyance in MW2 and other shooter type games. When playing Demolition I'm usually the only one going for the objective.
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