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  1. i think that Treyarch is too deliberate to just put any old gun in their video. I bet BO2 will be in like the Desert Storm or maybe like a Seal Team 6 type of game? That would be cool because they get all the secret gadgets and weapons and stuff. Good find none the less. [brains] to you sir :)
  2. LiL Haxx0r


    Yeah, i could definitely see Kino, Five, and Dead Ops Arcade being added to the iPhone but idk if they would just update it to the existing Call of Duty: Zombies app or make a new app altogether. Either way it would be awesome :D
  3. I dont know how to post a video byt by nuke i mean like the nuke power up drop thak kills all the zombies
  4. After completing the first 2 power tasks, a clock containing a ballistic knife will appear across from the PaP machine. This will require you to walk in a clockwise circular motion around the central takeoff pad for the rocket. The knife within the clock will begin to move and once it completes one whole rotation, the clock will disappear, a nuke will go off, and our john doe talks about more power again. Post some replies please :)
  5. Omg so the knife inside the clock just moved and it is making a super freaky sound
  6. After completing all known easter eggs, i was going to the PaP machine and i noticed that the wall directly across from the machine (directly under where the rocket was) a clock appeared. after closer examination of the clock we noticed that a ballistic knife is inside! We spun for a ballistic knife and shot it and it made a weird sound but at this point there is no observable change. Need help
  7. The second power upgrade can only be activated after the first generator is sucked up by a black hole and its power level is increased via the tv by stamin-up. Once the next monkey round comes then 4 buttons will appear at each perk machine excluding Quick Revive. These buttons must be hit simultaneously and they sound like telephones. Once activated. These will disappear back into the walls and our john doe will once again speak to us.
  8. That sounds cool. Will have to try it out if i can get it to work :P
  9. In furthest most top right screen, behind one of the new crawling zombies, there is what seems to me like a perk machine or a machine of some sort none the less. This clip is found at 0:09 in the video. Someone please check this out and reply back. Thanks :D
  10. Hey guys im new to the forum and have recently been quite interested in Nazi Zombies. I have been reading the posts as a guest and really want to participate This looks like a sweet site! LiL Haxx0r (or Connor if you wish )
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