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  1. My baby's Calamity and Jane and Mustang and Sally :D
  2. good thing i got mine done thanks dude :]]]]]
  3. if you type in cat notex2.txt someone else is alive to sorry if old
  4. Hmmmm can i get this pic but have a redish orange glow like the gknova6 site with the gk logo on the top right and it sayin Bloodinthewater on the bottom Please? http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/25074 ... -black.jpg
  5. There is no other chat now, just go to http://www.tinychat.com/henrylangham thats where us rejects are XD damn its pretty sad that only certain people can get in. DAMN Crows
  6. Mabey but bearly anyone is on there. Tiny chat thing? I musta missed that... yeah henry was actually awnsering some questions on the mic
  7. ok 210 area code is in san antonio i know because i live there i doubt it would have to do with something over here
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