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  1. 1. I like IW, just they fucked up MW2. 2. How about no killstreaks?
  2. There was a thread about this on Xbox.com, MaTtKs, like someone else said, was a new Zombies map for the iPod.
  3. It's a good idea, but it could cause problems. With your idea, could you use two perks form the same tier at once?
  4. Normal way, with no Jug, Commando, Scrambler and OMA.
  5. Your expressions and everything was so funny, great videos.
  6. That's odd, in the trailer they show the gun and name of the person who assassinated JFK to...
  7. This game is so messed up haha.
  8. C 00956340 E The taped fold is between the 0 and the E hmm, ok. maybe try that wheres george site goblue posted before or maybe the fold is there for a reason (hiding something) Tried entering it, didn't work.
  9. This is to much to handle haha.
  10. Omg that was so epic, this game is turning out to be epic already.
  11. This whole thing and trailer is making no sense to me what so ever. :?:
  12. Not that new but figured I would post an introduction, on the old forums my username/gamertag was Monster Warfare. So yeah, I am back. :)
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