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  1. well according to the msg i just got from a supposed Gamestop employee, there are going to be zombies, and they say i won all four map packs for pro ordering....prob a scam tho
  2. did i miss what "EOM" means??? or is that still a mystery
  3. how is it that you came about this info?
  4. hey carbon, that pigpen cipher does indeed go from A-Z..... with each letter being represented by that shape it is surrounded by. but where would the information be to put this cypher to use???
  5. dont want to start a war here BUT....i love my playstation dearly, the options are endless when it comes to downloading movies and music online, built in wireles, and now we just got a firmware update for 3d games and movies!!! i like to see what ur box will do next :D
  6. hmmmm maybe the cats out of the bag elsewhere http://www.mapmodnews.com/article.php?story=More-Call-of-Duty-7-Details-Revealed
  7. Havnt been on the site in FOREVER!!! really digg the new look. anyways when i first heard of a conspiracy for a new cod game, i knew i had to come back to you guyz. looking around about GKNOVA6 i came across thishttp://whois.domaintools.com/gknova6.com...dont say much besides who owns, but they are in Cali, as well as many other game publishers. Im gonna keep trying to figure this out, and good work you guys!!! also found these strange sites as well http://www.gknova.com http://www.gk6.com
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