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  1. has anyone tried to slow down or analyze the overlay that flashes on the screen, it goes from white in the center, to red in the corners. there may be a hidden message in this. but just a thought.
  2. zip codes are either 5 numbers or 9 numbers. the 7 digits just do not add up to a zip code
  3. Ok, so since it is a pain in the ass to post on unfiction forum, I came to the CoDZ site. I was just reading through the document that was typed up by Kaltern (@ unficition forum). http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/view ... h&id=21035 I noticed that the numbers for the stability report are the same numbers seen in the teaser trailer for black ops. maybe the teaser trailer is the stability report, I know that they are trying to get memories from this person. don't know if that means there will be new info coming to us for all the other reports, in the document. Just a thought.
  4. Audio is gone from T1. IIRC, this is the one that sent us to SOMD.com, and the page is gone now, so there is little point to it. I have video and audio for Transmission 1, don't see any changes besides the tv! :?:
  5. Maybe we should use Caesar code? And we have number 16! tried it, nothing comes out. :? the name points to the Vigenere cipher, but then this points to Caesar. so confused
  6. http://groups.google.com/group/alt.cons ... 68c26d402# Ok so the file needs a password to get into, I am gonna try to crack it. by going though the posts already on this thread. but I think this is where we need to look. also on the thread is this: yyuahrnqyf hcgi vxmly navgu ulli xmixo. 551961. definately looks like a code to me, but what could the pass-phrase be to break it. I think it leads to the Vigenere Cipher. I will see if I can find anything in his other posts.
  7. geeeezz, just got on here this morning, and noticed transmission 4 was up, and you all already solved the thing. :shock: I wanted to have fun too :roll:
  8. Linear, as in they work together to solve the puzzle, they don't step algorythmic to the solution. ok, but 5+5 doesn't equal 7, it equals 10
  9. Not me either, but I am afraid we are the exceptions, not the rule here. Google it, there is very little activity happening. the truth is out there, and I want to figure it out with you guys
  10. I think that "The elements are in the sounds and words. Look and listen." is a clue to do what we have already done, and to analyze the sound frequencies to get the #'s for the elements. remember the Curie and Hertz clues come after the first clue that leads to dragonsbreath. I think we were supposed to find that 1st and then use that clue to get the Curie and Hertz references. [Edit] I typed plutonium;uranium;tabun;sarin;soman;gas into google and this came up. says that Germany invented Tabun, and that they stockpiled Tabun, Sarin, and Soman durring WWII but never used it. It then goes on to talk about during the cold war the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. both had nuclear weapons deployed to Germany. the U.S. on west, and Soviets on East. just thought it was interesting as it was the 3rd selection down on google.
  11. Awesome Job! I knew the 4 dings had to mean something.
  12. how did you get the first part of the clue to be opened? with out a passphrase it would be impossible to decipher.
  13. ok so one thing I noticed on http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/GKNOVA6#Solutions is that the 1st code had 3 chimes in front of a series of letters the 1st transmission had 2 chimes in front of the repeating of NOVASIX the 2nd transmission did not have any chimes, just gave you 1969 the 3rd transmission has 4 chimes in front of a series of numbers. maybe the chimes are not actual Morse code, but some how contain the passphrase. we have concluded that the numbers are for the letters of the alphabet, but what if the number 1 is not under A but a different letter? I tried it as having Q as number 1 but it did not work, I also tried Z but that did not either. that is the only similarity i can see between the transmissions.
  14. I am still stuck on the "linear not algorithmic" I think this is leading us as to what cipher to use. the only two I can find are Hill-2 and Affine as the ciphers. does anyone else know of any? they both work with numbering the alphabet, but the problem is that they start at 00 and go to 25. so the 26 just seems not to fit
  15. Which one. Do you mean the first two transmissions? yeah the 1st two transmissions.
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