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  1. Just wait. The TV is meant to be flashed once.
  2. Well, 5+5=10. Maybe 5th May, unfortunately I will not be here :(
  3. Is this solved now? This is what TREYARCH said.
  4. But Azurewolf777 (notice the 777) is somehow connected to this. Lol, never mind: But why AzureWolf777 @ flickr and google (Azure)? Treyarch is pissing me off :D
  5. Okay, I googled Azurewolf777 and ended up on an abandoned blog, which had it's last post in 2008 as well! Well, it redirected me to a new site, called http://eruzaflow.com/azure/ I went to the main page which had a message that it's under construction. After that I googled AZURE and it's a color, there were RGB coordinates. When I open the source of the main page http://eruzaflow.com/ I see the following message: This intangible web site absolutely detests Highwind. Which is hidden by colour, so it is not visible on the page itself. Someone just writes that on their page? Don't think so. It has something to do with Final Fantasy, so I'm not really sure it fits here. But it's weird.
  6. Can someone download the audio file played in the last transmission? Maybe this one has a name as well, like the 3rd one. Also, Azurewolf777 joined flickr back in 2008 (June).
  7. Which sentence? All the sentences from the document found earlier.
  8. My brother just found this: If you take all the letters from the start of the sentence from the document, it spells "TREYARCH".
  9. Yeah, that's old news. Someone already found that the google analytics ID matches the same one that Activision is using.
  10. First image of the mercury rocket showed up in '04, and a link to an anti-war site. I guess you're right. But the objects on the freedom7 page still doesn't make sense. Why there would be random images and not just one picture? I'd like to see who is the developer behind it (Treyarch/EA or something like that) Another rather interesting thing I found earlier. By googling the name on the freedom 7 page, i got to the wiki article of the "launchpad" (geographically speaking) which launched Freedom 7: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Canaveral And the article says: which is quite similar to the message. Don't you think?
  11. For people, who think Freedom7.com is irrelevant, because it was registered back in 1997, think again. This is how it looked in June 10, 2003: http://web.archive.org/web/200302101630 ... edom7.com/
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