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  1. You probably already know this, But I traced this code to an IP of a site called unfiction.com. One of their forum posters posted this EXACT same code. Also, Another poster posted "Hmm. I submitted the answer both on the official game site (deletedthegame.com) and at Tyler's myspace. I didn't submit my answer on the official game site last week and I think that was wrong. Oh well... " I also knew that AzureWolf777 has posted on that site many times. As you all know Azure is friends with a fictional character named "Tyler" from Deleted: The Game. It shocks me as to how long ago the code was posted. August 22nd 2008 8:06 P.M. I'm still working on the code cracking just thought I'd put that out there.
  2. Uhm, Is it just me or has any-one analyzed the site's name/ IP Address? Any-way I found another site that is strange. It says "Coming soon" and a bunch of stuff like "Solution for everything". It's weird but I highly recommend to check this out. ALSO, Compare the 2 IP's to see if they match. http://gknova.com/
  3. The whole number thing in the beginning, I cracked it. I haven't read the discussion yet. Although if the numbers are related to numbers/ address, I might have the answer. The number to letter is J U Z A Z S Y P V B T A U W P Z V S C. I remembered seeing this code some-where else so I searched it up. It is an anagramme. I CANNOT translate from German to English, but, here is the site. http://anagramme.spieleck.de/app/view/501681 That has the anagramme. If it is an address, I did it earlier. It is some place in Africa. Just trying to help here guys.
  4. Nothing was wrong with the MP40. Sure it was over-powered but there was a counter to it. Snipers. WaW was the ONLY game that made snipers one shot kill. Always, well I found so any way.
  5. Not sure if it means anything. Like Capt Coco said, It could be moarse code. I look to have what seems to be a pattern. The first 4 words are "../....../.../..". I'm not sure if Any-one could translate that. I'm kind of new the Moarse code, so I wasn't sure how to write it. There are 2 beeps, 6, 3, 2. That is from when i started counting. I noticed a pattern correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. BRILLIANT! I'll take this information and try to do something with it. Although, the 2 things the videos have in common are 1: A nuke. and 2: Co-ordinates. There is something about the nuke and the co-ordinates that must add up. Right?
  7. More news guys. I believe to have read this but I'm not sure if you guys have gotten it correct. In the beginning of the video he says "All in Lower Rhine, And West Phalia, He commanded for the league". I didn't feel like reading back so that's the exact words he said. Also, Near the end if you click on the youtube version he mumbles something to hard to make out. I believe to have discovered that what he is saying HAS to relate to zombies. This is why. It sounds like he's saying "We've hit the senoms" Or "We've seen thom" (Thom=them). Now, if it IS senoms I have put it into an anagram. One anagram caught my attention. It was "Demons". If you ask me to, I will post ALL anagrams into a comment.
  8. I would love a file of it. I know manyyyy people (hackers (good people)) That can have an easy time to narrow down what he says.
  9. Correct me if im wrong, buy I think the only thing they wanted you to get out of Cheeping River/Cheering Viper is that its an anagram of Vigenere Cipher. Everything else seems like a coincidence I know NOW lol. I was in tooo deep trying to solve it. We have to look at what their telling us THROUGH the transmission. I realize now that every-thing else was a coincidence.
  10. I looked up westphalia and the lower rhine earlier and took a quick browse, I will go back and see if anything pops out at me. I would agree that if you were to sum up the videos in a few words you could say video#1 = atomic particles, nuclear fission, atomic bombs, etc video#2 = JFK (cuban missile crisis) my main curiosity is how much does the words being heard on the transmission have to directly relate to the images being seen. Exactly, I must say that the video itself has much to do with it. The transmissions could be like in WaW. They could be delivering a storyline from the end to the beginning (Sound familiar... WaW).
  11. BIG NEWS! "You can find me at the Cheeping River. It’s near the Cheering Viper." The CHEERING VIPER. The vipers are a cheer-leading squad, Hence Cheering Vipers. They are located in Etters PA (due to my amazing tracking skillz).... Etters PA is RIGHT on the coast line of a lake/river. There is something related to that river and/or the squad.
  12. You guys are looking to far into this. Treyarch did this EXACT same thing with zombies in WaW. READ BETWEEN THE LINES! What are they making you watch. Video #1: Possibly atoms being manipulated. Video #2 It has the JFK or whatever going on. I'm not saying I have any possible answers, Although I must state that Lower Rhine and Northern Rhine. There is something about them. ALSO! In the Rhine river of 1969 was a toxic flow in the river causing a hectic amount of chaos. Come on forum, We gotta do this.
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