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  1. The consequence is that you will not be able to get the achievement for finding all the intel. For someone like me who never tries to find it all it doesn't matter
  2. I don't think he is hinting that there will be a beta. There is no way to play yet, but there will be in November. Thats said there probably will be a "beta" but I think it will be more a demo then an actual beta since the majority of people who get it wont provide any feedback.
  3. I agree and do think they are the same place which would be a solid connection between the game and the GKNova site, much more than a phone number
  4. Here is a pic of the GK site from one of the earlier threads, I know it is not a perfect match but I think it is pretty close. I think the connection to the GKNova site is that it is the location that the man is being interrogated which leads to the flashbacks he experiences in the trailer.
  5. I think you are somewhat on the right track. the GKNOVA website shows all of the TVs with the person sitting there. At the beginning of the reveal trailer you see from the perspective of a man sitting in a chair looking around to the left and right. If you watch as he looks left the TVs and monitors look a lot like the layout on the GKNOVA site. Unfortunately you don't get a full on look at the monitors during the trailer. I am not able to grab still of the video in order to show what I mean, perhaps someone else can take a look.
  6. I was thinking of the warning sign but a zombie falling with the warnign sign in the back is good. I remember that picture, always a favorite
  7. I think the falling zombie sign at the bridge would be cool
  8. I was watching the reveal trailer after having just watched the video of the 6th transmission from Carbon. I think that the two video are from the same place. The tvs and monitors in GKNova6 have a light above them shining in your face. In the reveal trailer, you turn your head to the left and can see some of the monitors but the light is too bright and you look away. You can see some of the monitors including the one to view the frequencies (can't remember its name). I don't have any stills of the reveal trailer to show but you can see it at the beginning of the video.
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