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    Ah, the roots of all evil: The first thing I thought, those inverted pictures - is it an eye? Secondly; are those arms or tentacles? Maybe even an arachnid? So on I thought, it must be some kind of creature. A creature attuned to nature? The new trailer made that apparent to us [but] it still is an overlooked aspect to the story. The first instance of trees in Zombies would be at Griffin Station. I have looked at transcripts and there is nowhere characters [in the radios at least] mention the bio-dome, so I'm just curious why they needed to build something like that there. One theory could suggest that the group, upon discovering the Pyramid Device and upon entry, the room had oxygen inside. It was clear that the oxygen came from the device itself. So in that knowledge, the group decided to test the oxygen and began their plantation in the bio-dome. I find it interesting that the bio-dome would not have been constructed if Richthofen hadn't ordered it, especially after touching the device. Murdering his own people, dominating the universe, becoming a God... in this madness, he also had dreams of gardening... What if the darkness that transferred from the MPD into Richthofen, told him to construct the bio-dome? Obviously the reasons for the creature wanting this would be a complete mystery to us, but there is also one other thing that still needs explained. In Revelations [the theater] the trees are in a dissimulate state, as if it's hiding its true form? There might be other examples that speak for themselves, like Zetsabou No Shima... Going back to what I mentioned earlier, maybe they aren't trees. Maybe they are legs, arms reaching out from within the universe, it creeps over the land and spreads its seed (ew...) This idea of the world around them concealing its true nature could expand, and I feel like Zetsebou drilled deep into this concept. For instance, you talk about entering the Kino Der Toten rooms, seeing Samantha's room, the doctor's chair. 'Aether projections' are what they are called. We are thrown into these memories, [or even] visions from Samantha's mind, and going back in Kino Der Toten. It makes you wonder if the theater was real in the first place! I love how Zombies [BOIII] explore these concepts of purgatory and redemption, although we may not understand it now, we understand a few more things. From the origins of zombies, the apocalypse and annihilation of Zombies, we could potentially understand the dissimulation of Zombies. And that is how I interpret this...

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