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For the next step there is, sadly, not much direction we can provide. Basically, Apothicon eggs, orange in colour, will spawn on the map equal to the number of players in the match. It seems as though these eggs spawn in completely random at one of the following locations:

- Der Eisendrache, Primis statues room

- Der Eisendrache, near Wunderfizz on the way to Kino

- Origins, underneath the dig site, opposite the KN-44 wall gun

- Origins, to the left of the Wunderfizz

- Shangri-la, bottom of the stairs near fire

- Shangri-la, near Stamin-Up on a broken pillar

- Verruckt, upstairs above speed cola, in corner

- Verruckt, near jump pad to Mob of the Dead

- Verruckt, between the test tubes from Zetsubou no Shima

- Kino, opposite the stage near the bowie knife

- Kino, down the right side of the seating area leading away from Der Eisendrache

- Spawn, near jump pad leading to Shangri-La

- Spawn, near jump pad leading to Origins

- Mob of the Dead, facing away from Corruption Engine, near the cell blocks




Once you've located an egg, you need to pick it up and deliver it to the Apothicon Elder God, place them on the stations in the green pool of stomach acid.




You must now kill around 20 zombies around the Egg, until it hatches into a Gateworm. You can now pick it up and the Gateworm will appear in your inventory. Move on to the next step, but keep in mind, you will have to return to this step later again.

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