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Materializing Sophia

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Congratulations, you have now rezurrected Sophia! At least, sort of. She is now a transparant spirit of her robot shape encountered in the map Gorod Krovi, and now floats above the Nacht der Untoten section (do you follow?). In order to materialize her and bring her back to life, the player has to use the turrets at the four Corruption Engines to shoot four floating bright 115 rocks.

  1. In the Verrückt section, left of the portal:
  2. In the House section, left of the portal:
  3. In the Der Eisendrache section, left of the portal:
  4. In the Mob of the Dead section, left of the portal:


After shooting the four rocks, the player has to go back to Nacht der Untoten and interact with Sophia's spirit in order to materialize her. Now being a physical robot, you must follow her. She will first go through the portal going to Der Eisendrache, from where she floats to the Kino der Toten section where she will reach the teleporter on the stage. She then starts powering it up.

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