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Lucifer, Umbra Dominus

Bringer of Light and Lord of Shadows

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I, my friends, am Lucifer. You may have some... confusion... about me. You think that Joshua is the Shepherd? It's easy to be a Shepherd to God's chosen... it's terrifyingly difficult to be a Shepherd of Fire... a Shepherd of the Damned.

I won't say much about myself here... just the bare essentials.

I'm a conspiracy theorist. A con artist. A writer. A Musician.

I'm such a good liar that I could make you think the truth was a lie, and you would only ever believe my lies.

I illuminate the darkness, and corrupt the light...


I am the son of god, and the prince of demons.

I am the light within the darkness, and there's no need to fear me... you should fear the darkness within the light... he's a manipulative bastard.

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Hmm, seems like the Dark Aether expanded her forces to the CoDZ forums. Welcome to the site, fellow zombie slayer. You are saying that you're a writer and a musician (if that's no lie): What kind of music style do you create, and what genre of books do you like and possibly write? We got some music folks here as well, such as our Finnish metal head @jiipee95 , as well as a pretty professional writer: our Mississippian @RadZakpak (He is also writing the Zombies Storybook on this site, take a look if you want).


So you're a conspiracy guy, huh? You might like the whole conspiracy thing around the Zombie Storyline. That makes me wonder: Are you already partly familiar with the story?


EDIT: Oh didn't saw your other post yet: I guess you are familiar with the story. I'm gonna comment on that one later this day. Once again, welcome to the site Shadow Master. Etiam, ego dico Latine quoque :P

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