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DLC 1 Official Release Date

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Blurryface    142

Well today we managed to get the official release date for IW's DLC 1. Lee Ross confirmed this today over on Twitter but for some reason the tweet has been deleted. I'm not sure why or if it was part of his evil plan or not lmao but regardless I managed to get the official date and that is going to be January 31st 2017 ( First on PlayStation )

Yeah, a little while away but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. A lot of people have been asking IW's Lee Ross a lot of questions but he has replied to a lot of tweets with the simple reply of either "Nope" or "[emoji850]". He is very active when it comes to replying to tweets which is a good thing but I don't think we will be getting any hints soon.

As the tweet got deleted, the only other thing I could find to back this up is a post on Reddit which also has a link to the deleted tweet.

Get excited guys!


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Fadelical    7

Well, I just got this game on Black Friday, so I'm ok with this wait.  I think the bonus maps that will release for Modern Warfare Remastered next month should help alleviate the wait too.

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