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  1. I honestly never used those features much outside of the first few times I played those maps. They were a nuisance in my opinion, and portals are much more convenient and practical. And gumballs are overpowered but I think the fact that you can't get that many from the randomness of the factory balances everything out. Anyways, here's my gum ideas: Infradead Sight (Common, lasts two rounds): Allows players to see zombies through walls for two rounds as red outlines (like the oracle in Ghosts). Great for planing escape routes and choosing the safer path. Sanctuary (Rare, one activation): When activated, when the current round ends as the last zombie dies, the next round won't start until one more minute, giving players who accidentally ended the round early to do stuff. Cash Back (Common, lasts until the end of the current round): Lasts for one round, and everything bought gives the players a fraction of the points back. Truly Upgraded (Ultra-Rare, two activations): When activated, the gun in your hand can now get two Pack-a-Punch perks now, stacked on top of each other.
  2. I think it's great that The Giant is very similar to the original releases as it would be a great compliment to the largely convoluted Shadows of Evil map. I've heard that the new map will be gigantic, have new bosses and enemies, etcetera, so I think they didn't change The Giant much (from what we've seen so far) so fans can have access to a more classic zombies experience, similar to how Nuketown zombies did not have much depth to it compared to Green Run upon release. Maybe the Giant acts as a break from all the innovations the newer map has to offer... Even if it is the same map for a third time.
  3. The whole map of Tranzit is literally burning 24/7. And I'm pretty sure the Giant map will allude to Samantha in more ways than one, so I guess we'll see some more of her. I'm honestly not sure if Shadow of Evil will have anything of about her, but maybe... I'm thinking it will be something different like they did with Mob of the Dead.
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