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Hells Warrrior

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Hells Warrrior    564

If you are aware of this new feature called clubs, this is now available for all Xbox One preview members, if you aren't then this is a new feature along with "looking for group" that will be coming to Xbox soon.


We have an official Xbox One club and anyone can join, if you want to search for the club, go to communties, then clubs on xbox and search for CoD Zombie Forum. 


For more information have a look at the following article - https://news.xbox.com/2016/09/06/xbox-clubs-lfg-preview/


It's available now, looking forward to seeing you all.

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RadZakpak    85

If you have Windows 10 you can download the Xbox Beta App and join clubs from there since the feature isn't on the Xbox for everyone yet. Looking forward to using this for finding people online.

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RequixEclipse    108
27 minutes ago, RequixEclipse said:

CoD Zombie Forum CLUB


  Reveal hidden contents





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CoDz Members are encouraged to join as it is an extension of our community. Randoms will notice our passion for Zombies and will see that we our those crazy people on Call of Duty Zombie Forums! :D


Join the CoD Zombie Forum Club and find help from Fellow Survivors. Who knows you might be just what they're looking for!


See you soon!!! -RequixEclipse



Posted this in the LFG Discussion Section.. thought it may help lol

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