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Margwa stand still

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Hello guys

I Player soe Start with 4 Players - 1 Player left After he died

In a round about 28-30 

3 margwa spawned and i Killed 2 of them 

The other legt with 2 heads and dont move Anymore 

Anybody has Seen this before?

Played where you can get the swords in the rift 

He only moved and Hits me when I knifed him

AT last i kill him when he lost the second head he still stand there and do nothing 


I hope you understand what i mean


Hope someone can help me if this was a Bug or something lese (Part of an easter egg?)

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Seems like a bug. Did this happen the round that the other player left? That would make the most sense.

I've got him stuck in 'purple ball' mode while he was teleporting a few times.

It is a glitchy game, like every other cod.

That being said, if it keeps happening for a specific reason, let us know.

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