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4 Player Co-op = What I want to see:

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Now, I missed out on the COD WAW days when one could play co-op campaign with their friends. So, I refuse to be disappointed this go around!

Here's a short list of things I'd like to see return: 



-Wonder weapon Easter egg: I loved this in BO1, and spent SO long trying to get the thunder gun! From what I've been told and seen, the ray gun was obtainable in WAW, LOVE to see this again!


-Shared Intel: If there's intel breifcases hidden in every level (as it was in BO, BO2, Ghosts, and AW), I don't want my friend to pick it up and thus make me have to play through the whole thing to get it again, (If I cared about Intel). 


Weapon tossing: This is just a concept in general, but I love the idea of being able to toss your weapon on the ground and  have another player pick it up. This is possible, you just need to have 2 weapons. I should be able to take the weapon I have, and, oh, hold Y and toss it to my friend, who can catch it with Y, replacing their gun, and shred! Imagine that in zombies: A perk that allows you to toss weapons to your friends to help them survive easier. I'd use it in Co-op. 


Throw-able things : In AW, you got the newest concept of a bomb or burger you got to pick up and throw. Loved the mechanic, and the use. Honestly if there's such thing as the archetypical "Cartoon BOMB" in MP or zombies I would carry it around everywhere and use it CONSTANTLY. I've already discussed the "death sphere" concept in zombies. But perhaps these new Sonic-the-headgehog-shredder-balls will work like that! 


Simi-perma-death: When one dies in this mode, I don't want to see the player come back until either all the players die, or a checkpoint is reached. Likewise, both 3rd and 1st person spectating would be enjoyed. 


Lobby Leaderboards: I want to know certain campaign stats: Which one of our 4 got the most kills, head-shots, and intel, then I want to know who died the most, and other things to base which one of us is the supreme player. 


That's just the list of things I wanted to see in the Camp. any thoughts? 

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I definitely agree with the WW, also the shared intel thing is a really good idea but may be hard to implement since some players join games and leave them so would miss them out.

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