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  1. I agree. That gun would be great. Perfect training spot. Also wish the m16 came with more ammo.
  2. I have had zero luck. No man's land is hard but I'm having trouble finding a decent gun to buy. My last game consisted of the m16 and the starting pistol. Even locating the mystery box is getting a bit hard it's never in a good enough location to where I can actually get a hit or two. Fun challenge though!
  3. Actually yes it is! Here is the link! The quality is not that good though.
  4. thanks man!
  5. okay perfect. thanks for the clarification!
  6. I agree 100% which is why i downloaded the world at war map pack! haha. there isnt really a difference between WaW and BO1 maybe except the guns. there a bit better than WaW i think!
  7. question for the group! so lets just pretend that we had to play der reise, would it matter if we played world at war der reise, or black ops 1 der reise?? or would it specify which one to do?!
  8. awesome! i cant wait to participate in march! thanks for the info/input! quick question if you dont mind. for trials like this one ending tonight that is a time trial do we halfto have a timer on the screen while we play?
  9. Sweet! so does this mean In order to do february's trials I had to sign up in January?
  10. thank you to the both you guys! im excited to be here and learn more about zombies! im pretty excited to be trying the trials out also! im not as familiar with the story as i should be! but I would defenitely like to learn all about it!
  11. Thank You!! :D
  12. Hey guys its sushine1 here! or Scott. ive been a zombie fanatic since world at war nacht, which lets be honest made me jump since i had no idea what was going on. haha. ive only just recently started a youtube channel ( SushineGaming ) about zombies. i'm new to codz also; getting ready to submit my first video into the " Arena the ancient trials. " my top 3 zombie maps are origins, der eisendrache, and mob of the dead! im open for discussions about zombies! thanks for reading a tiny bit about me! have a fantastic one!
  13. Hey Guys!! im new to CoDz and YouTube! i was hoping that you guys could watch my video (and maybe more!) and give me contructive criticism!! I am not sure if this is allowed, if not im sorry!! thank you for taking the time to read and watch the videos! i very much appreciate it!

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