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  1. Haha okay cool... This looks like a fun challenge! I can't wait to attempt it!
  2. I didn't know we could use guns from the mystery box on the last challenge haha felt dumb haha...... Just to make sure, if I get jugg and go down wouldn't that end my game?! Lol
  3. Does that mean that you can only take a gun from the mystery box if you can also get it of the wall? Like the shieva, VMP, etc. Or you can use any gun in there as long as it fits the criteria? Also monkey bombs are a no go just to make sure!
  4. thanks for the info. so its like the superbowl of zombie challenges!!?
  5. So I gotta ask, but what is the "Zombie Olympics?" I tried searching for any info on it and could not find anything, ( I prolly missed it haha ) but is it like an end of the year HUGE challenge?! any info would be great! thanks in advance! also the challenge right now is becoming tougher than I imagined!
  6. is Pack-a-Punch allowed? Also shotguns from the box are good also right?
  7. I use a hauppauge. I could not figure out how to get my video to windows movie maker.. I accidentally saved it into the wrong format. So I had to upload using my hauppauge capture device and it didn't give me a link for my video. I prolly should have given myself more time than 45 minutes to begin with..
  8. waited to long to enter into the challenge. Could not get the video uploaded in time! but its on youtube if anybody wants to check it out. I got to wave 14 using the M16 and the starting pistol! how'd everyone else do?
  9. I agree. That gun would be great. Perfect training spot. Also wish the m16 came with more ammo.
  10. I have had zero luck. No man's land is hard but I'm having trouble finding a decent gun to buy. My last game consisted of the m16 and the starting pistol. Even locating the mystery box is getting a bit hard it's never in a good enough location to where I can actually get a hit or two. Fun challenge though!
  11. Actually yes it is! Here is the link! The quality is not that good though.
  12. thanks man!
  13. okay perfect. thanks for the clarification!
  14. I agree 100% which is why i downloaded the world at war map pack! haha. there isnt really a difference between WaW and BO1 maybe except the guns. there a bit better than WaW i think!
  15. question for the group! so lets just pretend that we had to play der reise, would it matter if we played world at war der reise, or black ops 1 der reise?? or would it specify which one to do?!

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