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  1. New Community Events?

    Am I not the first person to think of that? Haha
  2. New Community Events?

    Would a "beach only" be good? The only problem I see with that are the mounted machine guns which don't cover all the possible zombie spawns.
  3. New Community Events?

    If you guys need some help getting the ancient trials/Olympics ready for the winter I will gladly do what ever I can to help and be a contender. WWII could use a boost lol what did you have in mind @RequixEclipse?
  4. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    @andydabeast I forgot that Easter eggs take to long haha and short sweet and difficult would be perfect. If we wanted to end before August we could do January to June the ancient trials and July be the actual Olympics? The only downside is it would make it so only 5 people are in the champion ship and 5 (I think) in the Slayer pool. I'm game for rotation also. I will gladly shoulder the weight so it's not on a couple people! (If I'm reading that correctly) lol
  5. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    I like what @andydabeast is saying. Also WWII would be great for one of a kind challenges. If I may add a couple things to this. One I feel on some maps completing the Easter egg as a challenge would be okay. Maybe deer eisendrache that is an easy Easter egg. On the same hand some people do not like doing them so why not have this be like an "extra points" challenge or for fun. 2. Maybe co-op zombies? Working as a team or going against each other could be fun! 3. Once a month an admin should come up with the hardest challenge that is still accomplishable but very difficult! Could be fun and interesting to see what everyone else's tactics are! Just some ideas I have. I will say that this whole year for the ancient trials and zombie Olympics have been a blast and everyone did an excellent job! Can't wait for what happens next year!
  6. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Congrats dude! And thanks, I played my best. I look forward to the rematch next year! Haha
  7. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Lol I have been doing horrible! can't get anything going so hopefully I can get a good run in! When will we know the scores for challenge 2? Not to be pushy.
  8. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Do we have until October 25th to submit a challenge? My runs so far haven't been too good!
  9. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    I can be honest when I say I have never had that happen to me.. but it looks like it would be a pain in the ass. Lol.
  10. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    You had all those weapons during the game?! That is fantastic luck lol that sucks it crashed tho. Congrats on the good run though!
  11. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Just put my submission in. Could of gotten farther but died like a noob trying to knife a zombie on wave 21 lol how did everyone else do? That's the submission in case you wanna watch it.
  12. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    They are rediculous! I feel when they get close to a window treyarch trolls you by making them respawn again lol
  13. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Yes. I didn't think they were allowed but was unsure. Glad to get clarity on this!
  14. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Thanks dude. If you do live stream I'll watch it when I can. I'm prolly gonna live stream all the events for the champion pool as well!
  15. 2017 Zombies Olympics

    Thanks! @andydabeast how far did you get?! Im happy with my run but i can't believe my other broadcast didn't save.