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  1. hi, im a cat

    Hey bud nice to meet you and hope you stick around, looking forward to seeing posts from you :))
  2. Not seen one on here and still to give it ago myself but what's the best time/kills you can get in No Mans Land (moon) ? Always up for a bit of a challenge :) (will update with score soon)
  3. Help!!!

    Hey guys it's been a while, I wonder if someone can maybe give me a hand? I deleted Black Ops 3 off of my PlayStation sometime ago to make room for new games and I've recently tried to reinstall it as I have bought DLC 5 and when I try to play it's says that data to play is still being installed and the orange progress bar to install multiplayer/campaign, but the bar sticks on the multiplayer player and it's been a like that for hours? I have deleted and restarted it again again but still doesn't work anyone got any ideas? Please help, thanks
  4. I love you man

  5. Guess Whos Back To Stay

    The little one will be a zombie training pro
  6. Guess Whos Back To Stay

    Hey guys, Some of yous may know me and some of yous may not, But yeah i'm back again and hopefully here to stay, Had my little moment there where I had so much in my head that uit just F*CKED with it, after finding out I was gonna be a dad at such a young age I just had to prepare, I'm sure some of yous can understand this, then sadly went into a little dark deep stage of my life, But the past is in the past, I just wanna now have a laugh its gonna be so good to hear from all of yous again, SEE YOUS AROUND MOFO's. Ps Dont have to show me sympathy cauyse me not want it, Now lets rock and roll and kill so Zombies. Peace out ;)
  7. Hey I'm up for shadows of evil have every other map apart from GK haha but give me an add or even a mail over this I_P-A-N-I-C Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  8. Thanks dude [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  9. Howdy man, welcome to the club [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  10. Back Yet Again

    Hey people, Its been a while and I just wanna say I miss you guys, Its pretty hard trying to do everything you gotta do in life, College studying law which takes up most of my time along with work and other things that mix in with it all, Its kinda hard to get one here and I do really wanna get on more often, Because I really do miss it and miss what everyone has to say, I'm also gonna make/start a youtube channel, So yet again guys sorry for not being on as much. Oh and also, If anyone needs a lawyer in about 4 years time, remember me and give me a call :)))
  11. I passed my driving test!

    Well in my friend, still need to take you for that pint x
  12. Hello

    Hey man nice to have you hear, hope to see you around Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  13. I'm Back Baby!!

    Hey people, It's been a while since i've been on and actually active, Had a little problem with my computer there and had to reset it and sadly it deleted everything :( and when your tryna make your own custom map it kinda sucks like alot, but got it back up and running hopefully get everything redownloaded tonnight and restart againb on this map making and if im lucky be more active and able to upload more onto this, Thanks for having a read guys it is appreciated. (If anything is spelt wrong sorry, kinda rushed this one...)