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    Not sure if this is related, but anyone remember that gun from BO2, pack-a-punched it was called Reznov's Revenge. Don't remember which gun but at least we know Reznov does have something to do with the zombies universe.
  2. I found somthing Reply ASAP plz

    Bump, im still yet to get wall power gobblegum, so if any one is willing to test this?
  3. I found somthing Reply ASAP plz

    What if you use wall power and buy grenades?
  4. What special weapon do you want to see?

    I just want the Ray Gun Mark 2 back man :(
  5. What if you try to upgrade the KN with the gumball? Maybe that will have some weird effect.
  6. Richtofen between Origins and The Giant

    Im still curious as to what would've happened in Shadoes had Richtofen not intervened
  7. Dempsey quote leads to new map?

    Well this is kinda off topic, but you sparked my curiosity, and I hope this is something knew because everyone loves it when a new member puts something irrelevant. So, as you just said there is no Pack-a-Punch on the moon, but theres also more than one moon than just Earth's. Titan, one of Saturn's moons actually matches the surroundings of Shangri-La perfectly. "The thick atmosphere is orange due to a dense organonitrogen haze." "It is the only natural satellite known to have a dense atmosphere,[9] and the only object other than Earth where clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid has been found." Seems like a perfect paradise. And get this, there is even a specific area on Titan known as Shangri-La. It also states that there are areas of higher land in Shangri-La, as seen on the map. Seems like a little too much of a coincidence. But yeah, let's hope I'm on to something.
  8. Dempsey quote leads to new map?

    Well, if we look back to Die Rise on BO2, when the game ended you heard something like a prison cell closing, a giant walking around with chains, all becoming true elements in the next DLC map. Now if we look at the ending of SoE, theres a 15-20 second cutscene with no dialogue or sounds, just different views of an opening in what seems to be a large forest, maybe this is predicting the next map? That ending forest is also where we see our character camping around eating canned whatever. I wouldn't mind a map like this.