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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know I'm new to forums so I didn't know that I couldn't send leaked info so I'm very sorry about that.
  2. Zombies Theme Park [Concept] SAO UPDATE!

    actually not only is it epic but you can do it by sending treyarch this topic they might actually do it!!!
  3. new bo3 zombies info!!! chicago? new storyline?

    please excuse my grammar mistakes! I had to rush.
  4. so guys i just found some leaked info from the internet that says that the new map for bo3 is chicago illinois USA 2088. the story is that the zombies are almost extinct so, to wipe the rest out, the survivors create a super soldier suit with element 115 but somehow the zombies get inside the suits (don't know how) and wreck havoc.
  5. Hey guys!!!

    Hello guys I wanted to introduce myself here to this wonderful new forum! You guys can send me questions about the zombies storyline and I will have them answered immediately.