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  1. AshleyJamesMedley

    MrDalekJD Inspired Spot the difference

    Good day all, After watching a few episodes of spot the difference where MrDalekJD and a guest try and spot where someone has photoshopped alteration to an image I decided to make my own. My attached clip has three images I edited five differences on to each one. Left side is the original and right the edited. Please comment on the clip what score you got. Link: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=RJtSfk4RtFg
  2. AshleyJamesMedley

    Project Zombies

    I want to start a zombies channel, Project Z. I will attach the channel link but I cannot stress enough I dont want you click if you're not interested. Hoepfully out of the people who view this ill find one subscriber who will watch. Currently there is only a intro clip saying I will do high rounds, challenges and I want to play games with people. And i will use games with subscribers as gameplay :P Peace! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlBzwAwAOty3zTPNaPbfBw/featured If you feel this is spam I apologise but where should I post this other than a site deedicated to zombie fans
  3. AshleyJamesMedley

    Cod Zombie Challenges

    Hey Guys, i would appreciate if anyone could fire create Cod Zombie Challenges for me to do. I would like to start uploading some but generally it is for fun. Information on the lines of Maps I can do the challenge on, Challenge names, disallowed/allowed guns/perks. Everything I need to know for your idea. Any original challenges that I use as a recording will be fully credited. If I play it just for fun then ts just for fun. Any response at all is appreciated. Kindest Regards, Ashley
  4. Welcome to the forums AshleyJamesMedley :)

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