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  1. MrDalekJD Inspired Spot the difference

    Good day all, After watching a few episodes of spot the difference where MrDalekJD and a guest try and spot where someone has photoshopped alteration to an image I decided to make my own. My attached clip has three images I edited five differences on to each one. Left side is the original and right the edited. Please comment on the clip what score you got. Link: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=RJtSfk4RtFg
  2. Project Zombies

    I want to start a zombies channel, Project Z. I will attach the channel link but I cannot stress enough I dont want you click if you're not interested. Hoepfully out of the people who view this ill find one subscriber who will watch. Currently there is only a intro clip saying I will do high rounds, challenges and I want to play games with people. And i will use games with subscribers as gameplay :P Peace! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlBzwAwAOty3zTPNaPbfBw/featured If you feel this is spam I apologise but where should I post this other than a site deedicated to zombie fans
  3. Cod Zombie Challenges

    Hey Guys, i would appreciate if anyone could fire create Cod Zombie Challenges for me to do. I would like to start uploading some but generally it is for fun. Information on the lines of Maps I can do the challenge on, Challenge names, disallowed/allowed guns/perks. Everything I need to know for your idea. Any original challenges that I use as a recording will be fully credited. If I play it just for fun then ts just for fun. Any response at all is appreciated. Kindest Regards, Ashley
  4. 10 Things I Want in Treyarchs next Chapter

    @Stop mocking me0 This is irrelevant to the post but thanks for the criticisms and comments on a few posts, loving the community on this site!
  5. 10 Things I Want in Treyarchs next Chapter

    I would play zombies a lot more than i do now if private matches counted to leader boards.
  6. 10 Things I Want in Treyarchs next Chapter

    Treyarch will be releasing a their first next generation zombies on the 3 year cycle. My expectation are high and here is a few things I want in their next zombies chapter. 1) Remade Maps w/All EEs -Basically I want all the maps (or the fan favourites) to return in the next game with all easter eggs and mini easter eggs still in the map. However I do NOT want achievements related to completing these easter eggs. The remade maps should be a fun treat for the player. This should be obvious but they should come with the game and not DLC. Heres a few examples of maps I would want If they could only bring back 5 for example, "Der Reise", "Kino Der Toten", "Mob of the Dead", "Moon" and "Ascension." This of course being my favourites and I could argue Origins into their but we'll leave the opinion discussion for now. 2) Private Match Yeah, Custom games existed but I wanted a private match with friends that counts to the leader-board without having to rely on the luck of searching for a public match and readying up fast enough to play only with your friend and not a random stranger. Need I explain it further? 3) Solo Easter Eggs A shorter but just as hard easter egg for solo only, doing it solo/multiplayer would unlock the same Achievement so you wouldn't have to do it online and solo for two different achievements. This helps bring all different kind of zombie players have access to unlocking everything. Me, for example, play solo zombies on a good day I get 30-50 on solo and I can die on round 15-25 online because im not very good at having to go revive players constantly or hording and having another players horde mix up with mine. 4) Ranking System I want a ranking system to earn my way up, no system has been proved the best but many forums and players have talked about it on this website and an XP based rank system seems to be my favourite solution. 5) Innovative Game modes Lets be honest, Turned and grief were terrible compared to the idea you got of what they could have been (from trailers) and the lack of different game modes. The point that makes this worse is it is on very few maps too. More modes thats dont effect you rank so you can have fun would be my idea of good side-modes. 6) Bigger range of maps I want TranZit sized maps (or bigger) to smaller maps. The next generation console allows for bigger maps to be fantastic because Tranzit had the Fog due to console limitations. If the game came with a big main map and a few smaller maps It would give zombies more replay-ability. TranZit was an example of this, You played it and got bored very quickly due to fog and lava and a lot mroe issues. Then you were bored until first DLC came out which you over-played due to lacking a good map. and this continues to the end of the games season and you have got bored of all the maps. 7) Exciting DLC All the DLC that have come with zombies (AKA a map) have been generally good maps but we need DLC that excites us, maybe a map + new game mode/weapon/character skins (*will explain this)/Extra stuff or even areas on original maps. These have not been great examples of excited DLC, but you know what i mean, the maps used to be exciting in black ops 1 but know you want more *** By character skins I mean say the original four character were on the first map, the DLC would come with Their original clothing and character from black ops moon map for example. 8) Unlockable info/secrets A secrets page and Zombies menu, it has every gun perk zombie type and everything on zombies in there and you unlock them in this page by encountering them in game. You buy all the perks during a game and kill zombies/boss zombies and all the perks and zombies and unlockables are unlocked with descriptions around them. Completing Easter eggs will unlock big story facts. 9) More Easter eggs Smaller Easter eggs and mini ones like that already have. But what i mean are mini easter eggs like the main ones with steps but a lot easier. This will allow for more opportunity to explore and learn about the map. gives the map more reson to play to find all these steps for smaller easter eggs as well as the big one. 10) A Pause system Solo zombies is great, I can play pause and grab a snack but when you're online with friends or strangers and you need to do something, wouldn't it be great to do a team pause system at the end of a round. Everyone has to press x to continue to next round. thus you have time between rounds to relax and have a drink or even do some EE steps. This how ever has no limit on solo but has a 2 minute max online incase of trolls. Anything you disagree with, agree with or have improvements for? Tell me below!
  7. Ranking System Solution Black Ops III

    We all didn't fully understand what was happening in Black Ops II's Ranking system and we all would want a good system. So here's my solution. Personally I don't a level-up to 50 and prestige idea. Here's how I would do it. I would want a continuous system where long term players are rewarded while new players aren't disadvantaged in comparison. Here's an example of the lobby would be like: -Map Name- Player GT (12) Player GT (11) Player GT (20) Player GT (5) There isn't a prestige, the leveling system just keeps going! How to earn Experience Points: Every Hitmarker on a Zombie: 1XP Every Zombie Kill: 10 XP Every Headshot Kill: 15XP Knife kill: 15XP Every Round complete without downs/deaths: 20XP Reviving: 5xp Opening doors: Cost-of-Door/25 (Example, 750door/25 = 30xp) Every 5 Rounds: 100xp Completely Achievements: 5G = 10XP Buy Perks: Cost of perk/100 (2500/100=25xp) Buying Mystery Box: 10xp Things are low xp becaues the better players are rewarded. Good players get 3000 kills in a game fro example. Reaching Round 10 in a game: 10xp Reaching Round 20 in a game: extra 25xp Reaching Round 30 in a game: extra 50xp Reaching round 40 in a game: extra 100xp Then extra 125 xp every 5 rounds from then -Ash
  8. Rank Reflections

    If there was a leveling system, I wouldnt want a Prestige, Like GTA V

    Plese support me to making more and better map ideas by viewing (or even liking) this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXtQEo-mQXk&feature=youtu.be

    I'm starting this off with that fact this is Fake. I've made my own loading screen in photoshop for this map which I will post if it lets me but this topic is to describe my idea. We'll start with a few basics. The Map will be bigger than Transit and not just four/five areas with a road connecting them. It is all detailed and different and NO FOG #LastGenProblems. I'm getting off topic here.. Anyway its a large city/town destroyed in England however its based in the past. You spawn with a blade (like in multiplayer gaming when you choose not to have any weapon) in a safe house and around you is a dark room with a couple of flashing light bulbs hanging from the roof. There is a huge grey heavy defense door with a small bit of thick glass (showing Pack a punch is behind it) and one of the characters usually will say, "We need to power up this door." The second door in the room is just opened by holding X on it and once you open it and step out Round one starts. Zombies from this round will be near the safe house already just wondering around (for a bit more realism) and couple will start trying to spawn in. The power system is three huge generators you power up. Each generator powering a big area in the map, Similar to the way origins generators each powered their own perks ect. The first of the three generators isn't too far from spawn. If you follow the first curved street to the end you'll come to a huge generator just noticeable behind a building ignoring any any other routes, paths and alleyways you see. You'll need to clear the debree and open a few doors to get to the generator. The cost of the shortest route would only cost about 3000 in total. Heres the trickier side to it which you'll find is quite simple but its a new concept for activating power. The generator will have huge wires leading off it to power sources with the wires broke/not complete and you find the part to fix it. Theres usually only 2/3 parts for the generator all found in the same area/room as the wire it goes too. Holding X to pick it up and holding X on the wire to fix it. Once all the wires are fixed and providing power the Generator can be turned on. Simply walk to the switch on the side of the generator and switch it on. This will cause a loud electrical noise to happen and a visual notification of power being delivered to the local perks and other mysteries . The First generator will power up JuggerNog in the nearby building and Quick revive in a nearby alleyway. The other two generators actually power up more between them cause their further away. Once all Generators are powered up this will send of an alarm or noise notification that all generators are powered up. If you return to the safe room (Spawn) and you'll notice the Pack a Punch door is powered up (but still not open) this is a defense mechanism. You have to shut the door pressing X which you opened to start the game and you'll be in this safe room and the round will go transparent to represent the round is paused while the door is shut with all the players inside. once the door is shut the light on the pack a punch door will light up green and everyone holding x will open it. This allows players the chance to all co-ordinate and work to getting into this room together and shutting the door for a peaceful packapunching. However, poor teamwork could lead to zombies getting in to the room due to someone not shutting the door or someone not returning to the room in time as you need everyone in the room to shut it. Alarms and red lights flash inside the safe room if zombies are inside until you kill them all or die there (or escape and zombies follow you). Pack a Punch now offers you the original 5000 point upgrade and now 10000, 20000 and 50000 point upgrade. Each upgrade increases the damage from the gun by 30% after the first upgrade. Staying on the subject of weapons, this map includes 4 wonder weapons. It has the Raygun Mark I and II. The Winters Howl (which fits the snowy theme), a brand new wonder weapon which will be explained shortly and the Wonder waffe DG2. Each area on the map has its own mystery box which can only have one of the wonder weapons in it. (not including the wonder waffe which is collected through the EE). The three areas are each powered by there own generator, have their own mystery box which several mystery box spots for it to move too. So it isnt in one spot in that area cause the map is quite large. So.. the wonder weapon. This wonder weapon is a shotgun experiment which was tested on with 115 (story/EE related), Its a pump fire shotgun which fires out a burst of flammable liquid covered bullets which explode the impacted zombies and set them alight. burning nearby zombies (not killing but damaging the nearby ones). The map will have lots of interactive things around it like free doors that can be opened/closed, explosive barrrels, items and flammable liquids on the floor ect. Zombie Boss/Bosses? Hell Yeah there is! This boss can spawn at anytime like the Mob of the dead Boss however it grows out the ground like a zombie snow creature. It emerges out of the ground at a random time and runs at the safe room building and starts to hit the wall and it will eventually break down the wall (It takes alot of hits). You can shoot to kill him eventually but great ways to get rid of alot of its health is shooting barrels near it or shooting flammable object near him or the shotgun wonder weapon. The Easter Steps: Step one: Fix the wires/Turn on the Generators. Step Two: Some one needs to get the winters howl ( available in the 1st Generators mystery box) Step three: find the green diamond hidden (this diamond will be in a noticeable alley way behind some fire. The winters howl is used to take out the fire to reach the diamond) Step Four: Place the diamond in one of the three spots in the safe room. Step Five: This is the hunt fr the blue diamond, the next step is for you to go to each generator (which will all be lighting up a lot more due to the first diamond being activated) and you must kill zombies around it powering each generator up with souls and the more you power it up you start to hear the voice of Richtofen start to appear. Once all of them are powered up you here Richtofen speak for a while. All the character remain confused as the the voice stops. Step Six: A tower in the map will be made available to the players and the green diamond is under neath it. Step Seven: Place the diamond in its spot. Step Eight: Listen to Richtofen who returns but mucuh more clearly and says "I need more power, MORE!" Step Nine: The player is not told how to do this but must figure out the tower is connected to Richtofen and they must find a way to supply it power. Aka connect it to the generators. Step Ten; Once the tower is up you hear Richtofen Shout "Get to ze saferoom". So you all get in the safe room and shut th edoor Step eleven: Explosions and lights and Richtofen talking then the room shaking lets you know youve completed the EE. The achievement pops up as the final Diamond appears in place. (90G - Here Comes The Doctor!) Bonus Step: if you take the Golden Diamond (the final diamond that appears in the final slot) by holding x and place it in the pack a punch, the pack a punch shakes and smokes until a wonder waffe comes out. An xtra achievement shows up (20G - Acquire the Waffe) Achievements available with this map: Power Crave - 10G - Power up all the generators Explorer - 15G - Use a mystery box in each area at least once. Melt the Beast - 30G - Kill the Boss zombies (~unnamed~) before breaching the safe room. Acquire the Waffe - 20G - Get the Wonder Waffe Here comes the doctor - 90G - Release Dr Richtofen Flames of the undead - 10G - Set five zombies on fire through one -unnamed shotgun wonder weapon- shot Leave me any ideas improvements, critisms compliments and names for the few unnamed items. -Ash
  11. Welcome to the forums AshleyJamesMedley :)