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  1. KT-4 Glitch?

    Yes i think many people have the same problem with the plant.. I saw Mrdalekjd:s stream and it happened to him too
  2. The bridge..? Eating my brains.

    Yea thats what i think too.. It has some importanse..
  3. Who controls the zombies in Der Eisendrache?

    Cant say for sure who is in control but Richtofen knows.. You can hear a quote when you pick up power up where he says "I know who you are and where you are"
  4. Okay since the release of this map and after playing few games i wondered what is that bridge? that is broken and there is shit floating all around.. I tought that when someone complete the EE you are able to go there or something.. But no.. So what is it ? When i first played it i tried to go and buy my way trough cause it looked like buyable depree.. No ?.. Shit whats wrong with it.. It has been bothering me since.. (To clearify im talking the bridge near double tap) What do you think its about..? After lot of thinking i personally think it is going to be our heroes way out there in the next cut scene. I hope cause i cant think anything else right now why it is there.. -Hirvi138-
  5. Der Eisendrache Poster

    Yes the numbers could be some space cordinates cause they are on the star map
  6. Der Eisendrache Poster

    I tried to look cordinates to those numbers but they took me to Unnamed rd in nigeria :D Then i tought they were cordinates to some star or planet cause of the star map next to them.. Couldnt find anything about ascension...
  7. Der Eisendrache Poster

    Could it be the "Frozen one" ? Cant wait what this map has to offer to us.. BTW wouldnt mind to have that poster on my wall :)
  8. Der Eisendrache Poster

    Eye catching moon.. And if i see correctly faded skull on right top corner "Behind" moon..
  9. Most Recent SoE Findings?

    Dont know if anyone else have seen them but i watched somebodys stream the other night i think he was called pizza something but anyway he had purple keepers and purple meatballs.. It was 3 player game..
  10. Welcome to the forums Hirvi138 :)