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  1. Loading Screen Analysys, Zombie Timeline Hint?

    Anyway, you should remember that it's a postcard. It's like impossible that the picture was taken right when the explosion happened. It was probably taken before.
  2. Loading Screen Analysys, Zombie Timeline Hint?

    That's true. Maybe they haven't noticed it ( what's a bit strange ) or it's really bushes or trees.
  3. What Is Your Favorite Persistent Upgrade?

    I chose steel barriers. I hate when there are too many zombies on the map. I never got it though but I guess it would be really helpful.
  4. Remembering this site

    Activation's ? Do you mean Activisions?
  5. Sally?!?!?

    Sally is the name of the gun, that's for sure. But the tally marks stand for the kills he got with it. At least that's what I think ( and most of the people I know ).
  6. Welcome to the forums KubaX1221 :)