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    Top Ten best zombie maps

    1. Origins - Because this map has everything (except an infinite damage wonder weapon but its ok) perfect difficulty, atmosphere and weapons (in my opinion of course) pretty good easter egg, although I didn't really like the ending. 2. Nach Der Untoten - Not exactly my favorite, but because of the fact that it is what got me obsessed with zombies and was really a good start to something that became great it will take my number two spot (didn't really enjoy the bo1 remake though) 3. Buried - I loved this map and thought that they would never make one that I would like more, that changed quickly when origins was released, but nonetheless i loved this map, all the perks, awesome wonder weapon (but a little too easy) also awesome easter egg. 4. Moon - This map is awesome, if they made it so that you could get all the perks without doing the easter egg this would be my number one, good training spot, starting room is awesome, and lots of factors that made the gameplay different than its counterparts, also my second favorite wonder weapon in the game the wave gun (behind the wunder waffe of course) 5. Call of the Dead - I loved this map because you could go on indefinitely with a good teammate, because of the instakill provided by shooting your teammate with the vr-11c, although I hated George Romero the easter egg was fun and awesome (all perks and the WUNDERWAFFE!!!!!) Only doing top 5 some honorable mentions then a worst 5 Honorable mentions: Shi No Numa (brought in the wunderwaffe and dogs), Der Riese (made me completely utterly obsessed with zombies, PAP!!!) , and Mob of the Dead (whole concept was very cool, relatively easy easter egg, and THE DEATH MACHINE! as a non power up) Now my 5 worst maps (1 being the worst and 5 being the 5th worst) 5. Town (it was ok, but passed round 40 if you were playing without the ray gun mark II the rounds took 30 minutes) 4. Farm, Bus Depot, and Diner (not fun at all, so terrible) 3. Verruckt - Too cramped not that much fun (although it did introduce perks) 2. Kino der toten - now i know many people love this map, but to me it was sooooo boring, about what, 6 doors to open and one of the easiest maps ever, only two places to train so super boring, and who came up with the nova crawlers, how could they think that was a good idea, I really did not enjoy this map, the only thing I liked about it was that they had the mp40 on the wall, that is it. (the thunder gun was way too OP) 1. Transhit - now this map really had me worried when it came to what was going to come out of black ops 2 zombies, doing anything on this map was such a pain in the ass, and took forever. The bus would have been an ok idea if you could control when it left but no, and wow pack-a-punch was the most annoying thing ever especially when it came to solo play. And the wonder weapon was so annoying to use hated it, hated the easter egg, hated this whole map, completely turned me off zombies until die rise came out.
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