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  1. I was short for time as my computer needed to restart so I'm sorry part two will be a lot longer btw thanks for the feedback
  2. I have been there for them every time . To me they are the death of me. To them I'm just another tool to them getting cast aside . But alls fair in love and war and I know that we need each other in ways words cannot describe. I came from group 935 and that is where my cousins Speed Cola , Double Tap and Quick revive and I'm sure there's bound to be more scattered around helpless... Then we have my dead/ alive brother who is similar to me in many ways. What do I think of the Pack A Punch you say? I say he's a snobby entity who thinks he's better than all of us. I despise him but I can't help felling that I want to be him! But I'm acting hysterical again.I always give myself to everything but I get abused even if I survive it I hate it. I'm probably the most used perk ever because of those trainers and those campers I detest them with my life.
  3. Welcome to the forums Sockyaky :)