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  1. Crazy Place Portals & Nacht Der Untoten Loading Screen

    Now I feel stupid. I spent all that time researching flags, when it labels it right on the side of the box...
  2. Crazy Place Portals & Nacht Der Untoten Loading Screen

    Huehuehuehuehue. Also, I wanted to point something else out about the Nacht loading screen. These are just boxes of countries, right? Well, yes and no. I can not completely confirm what I'm about to say as accurate, as I can't quite identify the bottom right flag. However, the other flags not only raise some questions, but also tell a more accurate time of when the Nacht loading screen takes place. In the top left, you'll see the Chinese flag. China is communist, but exactly how long? Well, until 1949, China was actually a democracy, and was for almost 30 years. This means the loading screen will not be taking place during WWII. The one right below that is the flag of communist Russia. which was Communist until 1991, when the Soviet Union fell. The one in the top right is Cuba, which was not communist until 1959. As you may have noticed, 1959 is actually one of the numbers on the loading screen. Curious, isn't it? Like I said earlier I don't know what the bottom right flag is, so it may not be communist, thus debunking this entire theory. Thought it best just to post this here, since it's already sorta a Nacht discussion
  3. Historia ( Map concept DLC 1# )

  4. Welcome to the forums JoeMama115 :)