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  1. So a video showing leaked Black ops 3 stuff was just posted. Well....time to get to work....#Destroychannel

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    2. Stop Mocking Me0
    3. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      To report a False leak press 1.

      To report someone forming an army of idiots Press 2.

      To Seek guidance on the zombies storyline Press 3

      To Enlist in the Army to prevent stupidity Press 4.

      To repeat these options dial 115 Pound symbol

    4. TheNathanNS


      Nowadays, 90% of videos about upcoming DLC/games is complete horse shit.

      Someone photoshops something a big YT'er gets a hold of it, claims it as real, fanbase thinks so until the real game/DLC is released when they all moan about it.