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  1. golden ray gun?

    to bad that actualy works it is the olimpia hust have no tally marks on ur emblem buy olimpia shot all ammo out two to three times an d bam like the ray gun gods get tired of watcing you buy ammo for a crap gun and replace it. only til round ten though. really works
  2. Highest Round on Buried!

    I just got to round 51 was so bored i fell asleep and woke up mad as hell needless to so wasnt to happy i wont start a high round game at 3am again
  3. Highest Round on Buried!

    I just got round 43 with p.a.p. Paralizer sitting in front of jug i got a fire sale n went for the box pulled the mark 2 turned around and got down i had a sldg hamr was a bad idea