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  1. the thing is your rank really shouldn't matter that much... honestly I sometimes wish I didn't have the max rank because it brings too much attention. the goal for me is to have fun, shouldn't be about rank.
  2. more of a general response and my opinion based on his mentioning of a glitch... not saying anybody here does. I still don't think kills should be valued as much as the round itself, going down in the higher rounds should be looked at as a challenge to come back from... not a reason to quit the game! lol I blame the rank system for being the way it is, people catch way too many feels over it.
  3. yea well if you glitch for zombies rank then you've already defeated the purpose of having a rank to begin with IMO
  4. I guess if score ranks you up then you'll have shotguns before round 20 using long shot!!!
  5. @slade lol what? so confusing I'll just stick to the rounds per down theory you want shotguns? go play die rise and pack the wall guns... get 1000 headshots and only a few downs per game, generally that takes you to about round 30+ with 4 players, most of the time somebody will quit before then though lol
  6. right well you generally have to kill zombies to advance the rounds, and my guess is a certain number of kills are required to rank up... but to think you need to quit out instead of taking a down makes you no better than somebody who sits in walls and glitches ... just play the game and keep playing.. you will rank up if you advance to the high rounds more often, that much I do know. Got my shotguns last march and have helped countless friends and random players rank up, it's really not as complicated as treyarch wants you to think. High rounds Low downs (this generally comes with lots of kills)
  7. I gotta say it's kinda funny to me seeing everybody make new accounts and quit out to preserve kd and not get shotguns because they don't realize it has nothing to do with their kd. it's all about rounds rounds rounds rounds the only number you should be concerned with when looking to rank up is that big red one in the lower left of your screen!
  8. Highest Round on Buried!

    I made it to round 40!