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  1. Perms Perks: The 'Cash-back' Perk

    Thanks for the reply dude. I'll try to take a not of my stats when I lose it to when I get it again. It's pretty handy in solo as you gain 500 points for buying QR, which goes without saying, is handy when first setting up.
  2. Hi guys, Did we ever get to the bottom of how this is obtained? I ask only because I was playing TRANZIT this afternoon and as a rule of thumb I always go prone next to QR just to see if I get it and I did (only for the 2nd time ever though). I didn't take note of stats when I got it the first time, but this time when I got it, the following was my figures before starting the game: Kills: 46,381 Downs: 659 Perks Drank: 579 So on my 580th perk drank and going prone, I got it. I know someone said once you lose it you have to drink 100 more perks, but I never saw any proof of this so don't know if its valid. Any info guys?
  3. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    I think I did this right. Warden isn't the right key. Following the steps in reverse from the Wiki page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADFGVX_cipher) 1. Put the letters at the top of the columns in alpha order. A D E N R W G F F A F G G G D D G F F F X X F F F G D F F G F D G F F G F D G G F F F G F G A A F X F X D X X F X D G F F A G G F F A F 2. Re arrange the columns so the key is spelt corretly W A R D E N G G F F F A F G G G D D F F F F X X G F F G D F G F F D G F F F F D G G A F A G F G X F D X F X F X G F X D F F F A G G A F (The formatting isn't working right on the last line. A should be under A and F should be under D) 3. Use the 5 × 5 Polybius square to de-crypt message UVQ SUH VVY CSO CFU VFU ALS EKN NCR VQU A
  4. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    You could be onto something there. He's changes it now, but didn't Jimmy Z have a link on his twitter bio to the Watt Steam engine (here I think - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watt_steam_engine) a little while ago. Hence the theory that we were going to England in some coal mines for the next map (which we now know isn't the case )
  5. Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    If I'm perfectly honest I don't always turn the power on when running for points, I'm pretty confident at running good circles and staying out of trouble. If I do turn the power on, I make sure that while the thunder is around, no zombies are slaughtered, just to save the hassle of "HIM"
  6. Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    Indeed they are and is the reason I train mostly at the Diner, so if it breaks, I can nip back in at the end of the round and get a new one. It's a shame they don't have the sane effect as the Turbine though, where when you put it down, the zombies attack it so they're distracted for a short period, but you can't have everything
  7. Would 3arc really expect people to pay for an updated map that was free the first time around. I personally don't think so, so I'm ruling Kino out. As for Paris and the Eiffel Tower, it would fit I to the BO2 story to date nicely, activating the towers / spires. What I want to ask though, would 3arc follow IW's mission from MW3 as the tower is knocked over and destroyed. Would 3arc be aloud to touch Paris as IW had done it? Granted that a) in game time about 14 years have passed so it could have been rebuilt, and it was in an IW game, ultimately it's still activision so they probarbly have some sort of say that they can or can't merge the 2. I was reading a thread the other day where someone claimed to have found references to Samantha while on a mission in Paris on MW3, and while I played it down at the time and there was no supporting evidence, it could be valid I guess.
  8. I have a hunch that the "facial features" I found may be my reflection in the TV D'OH!!!! I tried to apply the same filter settings to another picture of the silhouette I found and couldn't replicate. EPIC FAIL!!!
  9. Looking at this again, I'm seeing a face on it that I hadn't seen before. Look closely at the image I posted with the Colour Levels changed. What if, the silhouette isn't the head and instead the facial features I identified, actually belong to a face that has it's right hand side facing the camera rather than it's left? Can anyone else see that? Again a bit far fetched I know . . .
  10. Ok, I know this isn't really the right place for it (covers Kino, Five and also a potential theory on Die Rise Loading screen, so that's reason for posting here) and it may seem like a bit of a troll but please hear me out and tell me what you think. So I've hinted at on another forum that the tear on the RHS of the Die-Rise loading screen may relate to the Silhouette's on the maps Kino and Five. So I fired up Black Ops this morning to take a look. The best image I got was from the image that can be found in the "Board Room" type room on Five where the PAP is When I got in front of my computer this morning and made the comparison to the shape of this and the tare on the loading screen, it is not similar at all, so I've not ditched that theory. However, I still strongly believe that the picture from Kino/Five is maxis. Anyway, moving on, I was reading some more bits about the portraits today (as I've only just noticed the name Wendee on them, but I believe this has been discussed before). I came a cross a post (cant remember if it was here or on another forum) and it was hinting that the portrait of the silhouette had maybe had some sort of Colour Level changes made to it. So the next thing that I did was see if I could get anything else from the image by playing with the levels and I ended up with the following So this image is the same as the first one with RGB levels played with in Fireworks. Now I'm not claiming that the image I took was the best quality, however what I (possibly) see is a nose, an eye and a mouth, all the facial features. You could (depending at how far you look into it) even say that this "person" has a centre parting style hair cut, as it looks like a large are of the top sweeps down over the side of his face (dare I say it, a bit Hitler style). At first I thought I'm not so sure as the position of the ear is a long way back in relation to the "eye", but then the more I looked at it, the more I started to believe it could be a person, possibly the first indication of (if it is him) what maxis looks like? Like I said at the start of this post, it may seem like a massive troll to some, but I read some others opinions and tried something different and came up with a "far fetched", put slightly possible conclusion. Given what we've already gone through and seen in zombies, isn't it all a little crazy? Be interesting to see what you all think. Anyone else done anything similar before?
  11. Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    Thanks for the tip about running up to Jugg. May be the best one if I don't have EMP's. With regards to the EMP's, if you put them to sleep in say town and then move through the fog to another location, will they remain asleep or do they wake up and follow you? Another idea I was thinking was running down by pack a punch, running them all the way to the machine (only 1 or 2 of course) and then going back to deposit, as the corridor is wide enough to get past them without damage (he says). When I play for point building / banking I don't tend to put the power on (as it just adds extra time to setup) so it's not always a viable solution.
  12. Solo: Banking Points Strategy

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has a good strategy when playing solo do deposit points in the bank. What's the best way to hold the zombies off to give you enough time to put it all in the bank. I was thinking it's probably leave one Zombie, Go to town, EMP the zombie to put him to sleep and then do the business. That's all well and good but if you don't have the EMP's (because we all know how hard it is to get them from the box, and in addition, when playing solo you may not be relying on the box too much [i tend to use either MP5 or M16, depending on where you're training]) I don't really know. Monkey's don't give you a great deal of time, but you have the same issue trying to get these as you do with EMPS. Anyone got any ideas?