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  1. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Alright, i dont know if this is the right thread to post this so forgive me. For the people who search for clues concerning the timeline of the nazi zombie story, i was listenin to the russman quotes lately and he has a quote that roughly goes like "russman is my name and slaying zombies is my game", this is an obvious reference to one of the most famous Blaxploitation movies ever called "Dolemite" (hilarious movie, check it out) the real quote says "Dolemite is my name and fuckin motherfuckers up is my game", that movie was released in 1975 so obviously were playing Green Run some times after that. just a little heads up for the timeline dudes out there, hope it helps.
  2. Light beams & ToB

    If u dont see the beams... u must be on PS3... unloaded 600 rounds of my banked PAPed RPD without any beam comin out the door. looks like nobody can see them on PS3... ive tried on 2 different profiles with the Maxis EE finished and i cant see the lights.
  3. Maxis Quote: I have a question.

    Yes they have other unheard quotes, but the ones im talking are strictly related to the EE, i dont know if the ones u mentioned are serving the same purpose. They sound like side quotes idk.
  4. Maxis Quote: I have a question.

    This is the quote that no one has heard yet along with the one talking about using the Navcard to program the computer. The one you quoted is obviously the last quote of the EE and i think should happen when you put the right Navcard into the computer but thats where everybody is stuck at the moment.