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  1. Your right, I should have not have started a new thread. I actually searched the threads, just didn't post in it. It seems more people are here to fight then anything, so I will just go back to Youtube. Thanks!
  2. Sorry about my rant. People just urk the shiz out of me.
  3. Nice spelling there anyways. Threts...?? I was taking what a lot of other's have already done/suggested, and taking it to the looking into it a little more. I have watched over 30 video's on this specifically, nobody talk's about ONLY doing 1, and not the other EE. Jackass
  4. Please kiss my ass. Thanks.
  5. The reason you dont do it in theatre mode is because theatre mode is useless. I tried in solo a few times in round 2 w. Jug. Just jumped under and holding square in a few different spots until i died. nothing....... Not done trying yet.
  6. I just wanted to see if this can get clarified by another party. I have only completed the Maxis side of ToB. I tried to then activate the lights @ the laundromat, and nothing.... I'm wondering, do you NEED to have both sides done & Why?? Does anybody else who has ONLY 1 side done get no effect from the door also??? Thanks!!
  7. Other then dying really fast, sounds like a really good idea. I'l try solo a few times, and see if I cant see anything! *Side note......Does that small hole on the side of the bus where you can see some sort of engine. Seems out of place, and maybe Tranzit is just making me CccRrraaAAaZzZzZYYyyY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. What about the light near the gun in the tunnel?? Sometimes its on, sometimes its off.........Done get it
  9. So, Im sure, as always, this has been posted 10,000 times. But here goes anyways. I just watched a Youtube where the guy opens the mystery box and he gets the circly orb glowing thing-a-ma-bopper. BUT also a beam of light shoots straight out into the air and over to the tower. Personally, I have seen everything else on the video, except the actual beam shoot out and go straight over to the tower. 1 side note: I noticed that that beam from the laundromat is defianatly reflective, if you look close, it looks like its going into 2 or 3 different directions. Also, I know people dont like the jet-gun idea around the clock. But its just too intresting to pass up! going to play with my ideas now!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp9KnIZ3ACU PS3 - Luv-Ur-Box
  10. Thanks for the welcome!! Well, just as he states in this topic viewtopic.php?f=136&t=25979 They are just such different contrast. Sometimes, not all, things in the map that we can interact with are of a different contrast. could be nothing. As far as the lights go, If you play survival on town, those lights are off, just like the street-lights. Since my brain just cant handle trying to convert that morse code, maybe somebody who can should have a look?
  11. Luv-Ur-Box

    Some Idea's

    Hello all, Just wanted to point out 3 small things i noticed. I'm basically stuck were everybody else is. 1. There are 2 laundry machines that are clearly colors in the laundromat. edit: Just saw a thread on this one, with pictures. (Looks interesting)! 2. Has anybody tried to look into possible morse code on the Bowling sign?? I know that the street lights, and the tower are morse code, and they are the same. BUT, has anybody looked into the bowling sign?? I could never figure out morse code. So I wont even attempt it. 3. If you throw semtex grenades @ the electical line's in the town, they move around a lot. Sorry if all of these idea's have been looked into, I haven't seen anything about them yet. Just want to help and get this easter egg completed!! :-) Happy hunting!
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