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  1. Past map correlations (Where is der riese & moon?)

    I guess the Moon part is implemented in Der Eisendrache (the MDT pyramid). That's sad, everyone still hates Tranzit. I see it as ok, but good luck trying to PaP your weapon, and then Jet Gun kinda sucks.
  2. Solo Extinction Class

    Interesting loadout. I think on Point of Contact and Nightfall, I would say switch Tank to Weapon Specialist for the Speed Reload at +3 and I might keep the others as is. Just my opinion though, since armor and the shield already has your health protected.   For Mayday, maybe switch Tank to Engineer, since the drill becomes really important as it is used so often in that map, and a bigger wallet can store more cash to deploy more Sentry Guns.   For pistols, I always use the MP-443 Grach, as I love automatic guns, even though it's not an automatic pistol in multiplayer (I wish it was). For relics, I don't know, I don't really want to use relics unless I'm going to play in a co-op game.