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  1. So I'm sure you're all aware of the 3rd painting in the wolf bow upgrade. It portrays a mountain and the giant squid-like creature from SoE. Each character has a quote when selecting this portrait. Richtofen's quote is: "last time I saw this is when I picked up the key". Richtofen is referring to when he picked up the summoning key in SoE, of which happened in a 2 year time frame before The Giant. However, the fact that he said the last time suggests he's seen them before. And at the end of all the paintings, he basically says that battling the apothicans only really ends in death. Now I'm just going to make a huge jump here but what if that letter saying that Primis will fail was written by Richtofen. What if he believes Primis will be defeated by the Apothicans and because if this he sides with them. I mean, Richtofen sided with the Illuminati in the other universe so who's to say he can't yet join the amphibian race XD. However, I do believe that Richtofen is trapping these souls for a reason and I have a feeling that it's for the good of the Apothican. Here's to praying we don't see another Margwa when that may happen.
  2. Recently I was playing SoE and I got the locus in the box. I was in the Waterfront district so I decided to have a look at the jumpscare for bants. After that game, I played the Giant and something in the cutscene really made me think. The image in the jumpscare is of the Richtofen that was killed. If the jumpscare was of a zombified Richtofen, this could link to the original Richtofen we see in WaW and Black Ops 1. In one of the Buried easter egg endings, Richtofen is transferred into the body of a zombie. In the game all the zombies will have yellow eyes and the Richtofen zombie will have blue eyes and continue to respawn throughout the game. So what if 3arch are trying to tell us that this Richtofen may be the original one. What if the Origins Richtofen killed him for some reason. This would have massive effects on the story and I really hope this isn't true since I still believe we can get a map with the older O4. Nothing will ever beat drunk Nikoli.
  3. Apart from the 4 OG perks, what would you guys like to see returning? I'd like to see Mule Kick, Vulture Aid, Phd Flopper (I know its useless now but i can still dream) and Stamin Up. I've left enough space for a new perk or two as well. Bonus Question: Do you think there will be any new gobblegums and what do you think their names/ability will be?
  4. Annoying glitch I've encountered

    Would I lose any save files? I haven't done any campaign so surely not much
  5. Annoying glitch I've encountered

    First off, I'd like to mention that I haven't been on this forum in so long! It feels great to come back! I think I haven't made a post since the Letters of the Field for Origins were coming out. Now, whenever I play Shadows I've encountered a glitch where when I do a ritual, the vibration and screen shaking continues even after it's over. This can be very annoying and makes me want to not do rituals completely. I also have an issue where my controller makes me turn on its own. Apparently this is caused by the controller itself and I may need a replacement but I really need a temp fix for this. Would love some help, thanks!
  6. You're Banned!

  7. You're Banned!

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  8. You're Banned!

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  9. You're Banned!

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  14. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    I'm not surprised they killed Oscar. Ya can't have a zombie show/movie with more than one black man at a time. P.S I'm not racist, I'm black myself
  15. You're Banned!

    Youre banned for not having any medals. You're banned for not having any medals, an avatar and a signature