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  1. What's Your Best Zombie Setup?

    MP5/MP115 Kollider (I normally pack a punch at round 15/16) Keep your M1911 and pack-a-punch for Mustang & Sally, put these in the fridge immediately. Rape the box for an LMG, HAMR is my preferred, pack a punch that at round 25+ Semtex Monkey Bombs (EMPs if on multiplayer and someone else has Monkeys) In this order: Jug Speed Cola Stamin-Up Quick Revive on solo, Double Tap on multiplayer, makes killing zombies so much faster, trust me. And you just rape train at the Diner, buying MP5 pack a punch ammo whenever you need it. :D
  2. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    haha yeah I know Electric, I was gonna comment '115 posts' then realised it would've made 116 >. but then about 5 minutes ago I realised I could've just edited the post. damn.
  3. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I'd like to see a Wunder-Weapon that could be purchased from the wall; albeit it would be at a much higher price than your M16 or your AK74u. What about something similar to the Bowie Knife or Sickle? A Wunder-Melee-Weapon that could be bought off the wall with less 'Wunder' and with the capability to be upgraded into something much more menacing? What about a gargantuan hammer? It would be called 'Tank's Truncheon' after our good friend Dempsey in it's un-upgraded version. This standard version would have the same damage of a Sickle and a Bowie Knife, giving it a one knife kill up to roughly round 9. Now here's the fun part - upgraded, it's 'Thor's Hammer' and is essentially the same hammer, with a deadly electrical current running through it. Visually this would probably resemble the electrics you can see on the DG-2. However, the hammer would have a twist to it; instead of looking like your average everyday hammer, it would have two heads, and your character grips it in the middle of the handle. By pressing a certain direction on the D-Pad, your character seamlessly flips the hammer to use the other end on zombies. One end (the non-electrified end) would have a completely different use - it would stun zombies. Imagine not having to waste a Monkey Bomb or grenades, eliminating the need for crawlers, speeding up round times and effectively increasing the number of rounds you could get to? The stunning end of the hammer, when used, smacks the zombie hard in the abdomen, and they fall into a stunned stance, simply falling on the floor in their current position. The reason they would have to adopt a new stance is to avoid ambiguity - if the zombies stood still, some players with poor connections could mistake them for lag or vice-versa. The stun effect lasts 10 seconds, which would be a massive help in giving breathing room for players. Also as it would take up the melee spot, Mule Kick would not even be a necessity. The beauty of this weapon as that the mechanism for not making it too OP is that: 1) If you use the lethal end and attempt to run around the map, zombies, as per Treyarch's engine, will spawn ahead of you, which is why the hammer must be used sparingly and wisely 2) The same applies for the stun effect, it would be easy to get trapped if you turned the hammer onto 'Kill' and were surrounded quickly. But anyhow, sidetracking slightly. Here's what it would be: Name: Tank's Truncheon Damage: =Bowie Knife/Sickle Features: None PaP'd Name: Thor's Hammer Damage: (I don't have any clue about Treyarch's damage and hit system, so I'm gonna have a stab at attempting this) Enough Damage for a one-knife kill up until round 20 - Stuns at any round Features: Swapable 'Stun' and 'Kill' feature Let me know what you guys think with suggestions/improvements/praise/worship/being hailed as the future of Zombies and Call of Duty Haha, but seriously, I'd love to hear your thoughts you guys!