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    Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    I don't have that much theories since I play zombie mode a few times. However, what I noticed are these things : - The idea of a "reinforced bus" (the final scene you can see a zombie tearing off a woodden barricade while the bus rides) riding on zombies seems to come directly from the final scene of Zack Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead 2004", where the group of survivors uses reinforced vans to escape from the besieged shopping mall. Now that is some good reference ! :-) - Also, the fact I saw that zombie tearing off the barricade leads me to think that there will be a part of the game where you will be in the bus while "something or someone" drives it and you will have to counter zombie attacks while moving on the road. My theory ? I don't remember WHO said it before me, but I agree with his idea : I guess the developers have made bigger maps like they promised us and that the bus will serve the player to travel from one part of the map to another. After all, the developpers announced a "zombie mode as you've never seen it before" and said it would be "much bigger than the precedent ones". Probably the map is divided into "sections" or "levels" (I am no game developer, so I don't know exactly how to call it).
  2. Skull_Harvester

    Your Biggest Fears For Black Ops II

    I just fear that the zombie mode they promised us to be "bigger than everything you've played before" (that's what they said in the interview if I remember correctly) will NOT INCLUDE THE OLDER ZOMBIE MAPS. Come on ! You want a great zombie mode ? At least include all previously released zombie maps. If they don't include them I don't think I'll buy it. :-( The fact that previous zombie maps were all online paying DLCs prevented me from buying any C.O.D. game since I don't have an internet connection on my PS3. If Treyarch released a "game of the year edition" of Call of Duty Black Ops with ALL released map packs (like rocksteady did with Batman Arkham City), I would not hesitate and buy it. Whatever they decide, I'll wait for a REVIEW of the game and see if it is worth spending my money on it. :-D

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