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  1. cough cough Die Rise - Buried Loading Screen cough cough
  2. What about "etter", seems pretty weird.
  3. New sound from Jaxi Planet. Found nothing on the spectrogram. Looks like morse code, though. Working on it.
  4. Don't know if it's important, but the word cage is written here.
  5. The texture was already there, lol. ​Thanks, Hells. (:
  6. @Stop mocking me0 You're assuming that every perk two perks create a combination. I mean, you can't mix Jugg with Speed Cola. Just the perks that actually make something when combined, like the ones already mentioned. Explosive rounds sound OP if you compare it to M&S. Dragonbreath sounds OP AF and it's not a big deal when you use the Hades. Everything can be balanced, imo.
  7. interview with biblicalreaper and sgt frank woods

    I know what you mean. But he just spoke with the Woods, you know. I would say it's normal to be hyped of to feel "superior" in some way. It's not correct, though. Anyway, for those who don't want or can't watch the full interview, here are the key points: Burns said: -He can't confirm, nor deny, his appearance on BO3. -Treyarch cares a lot about fans. Spends a lot of time thinking and developing what we want. -Everything they make has a reason, an explanation. They think about EVERYTHING. -Wood's 115 tattoo has a reason, but he won't say it. The wolf is important too. The gameplay: BO 1 Clips: -The last campaign mission (I think). -Everything's about "the numbers". What Mason sees, how the code was implanted, how Reznov sabotaged it, etc... BO 2 Clips: -David's (Mason's son) past, when he was involved with Menendez as a child. -Woods explaining Cordis Die, clarifying that Menendez is a bad guy. -Capturing Menendez, and how he broke free. -Killing Menendez.
  8. interview with biblicalreaper and sgt frank woods

    Biblical claims that "it's all part of the plan/it's part of the intel/the answer is within the numbers". That's why there's a lot of campaign clips. It looks like he and Woods decided to place a hidden message within the video. Or they are just trolling, lol.
  9. Great find, Liam. Hope we get more of these in the next Snaps.
  10. The creation of a super soldier, yes. Richtofen wanted that with Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey.
  11. That Snap sounds just like a Dr. Maxis radio transmission. "Similar physiology, different environmental conditions". What the heck is Salim doing?
  12. Well, the quotes had been an important part for the BO saga since the first game. I think they showed us the main quotes from the past games so we related the last one, which is presumably for BO3, with this game. They usually describe what's the campaign about: Numbers, technology and now, a somewhat dark future. Like a merge between both past games. They told us since BO2: "The future is black". Welcome to the forum, btw.
  13. (POLL) Which Console Will You Play Black Ops III On?

    Xbox One. When it was revealed, I decided I was going to get it when the next-gen Treyarch game came out. So, I'll be buying it around october. I love my 360, but really, Exo-Zombies looks like shit compared to next-gen. Treyarch's Zombies deserve more love.