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  1. Poll: Worst Glitch on Moon

    forgot a glitch, but i think most people don't even know it exists. well, on pc, there's a feature called "leaning." it does just about nothing useful in zombies, there may be some use for it on multiplayer (i don't play multi at all, so i wouldn't know ) anyway, if you knife while leaning, you die. i don't understand either... got some video of it a long time ago when moon first came out, i actually didn't know what happened when i did it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drYNTE3U7j0
  2. Highest round on Der Riese?

    86 solo..dogs + monkeys = and 40 with 4 players. haven't tried with 2 yet, i'd just go for 50 and suicide like way did.