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  1. Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Do you know what it means? and i have some ideas about beware or the six.. Well observations nore like. And my team and i have some ideos about the four rooms. There is one interactable object in each room. But one one charactsr can use it. I.e dempsey and the rocket, and takeo and the monkey bomb?. Can anyone offer me some ideas or support my own?. Thanks ! edit: sorry typing on android. :)
  2. Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Hey guys ! First time posting, but ive been reading all night, me and my girlfriend have stayed up all night trying different things in kino hoping to start ANYTHING. but no luck, now.. we did notice a light in the speed cola room that seems to blink Morse code. i dont know anything about Morse code so idk if it really is, but i wouldnt mind if someone wanted to look into it, its in the window upstairs beside the stakeout. i love zombies, and am reeeaaly hoping there is something on this map, i feel like there is a massive easter egg. and treyarch has been letting us leave it ignored. Also, if anyone has a link or a video to where treyarch said we are missing stuff right under our noses could they post it? does anyone know if its directly related to kino? or could it be for another map? Thanks guys! Much love! p.s i found this thing called the tap method.. its like morse code but different idk how to explain it.. but could the knocking be translated in this code? :)