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  1. And the time frame is right for the modern recorders. On a side note, isn't there a mission in the World at War campaign where you attack a japenese testing base, and it goes nuclear at the end? Couldn't that be the location and time frame for SNN? I could be wrong about the mission, I haven't played WaW in years, but does it ring any bells?
  2. I think the crew arrives in SL after CotD, but when you do the easter egg, you travel back to 22 jul 09, when then Brock expedition gets trapped. That was the last total eclipse in North India, Tibet and SE Asia.
  3. Zombie Suggestions

    Great ideas in here, I'd like to play as Samantha more, like picking up after Moon. An LMG wall weapon would be nice a team pause would be really nice and a theater mode for Zombies would be freakin awesome!